Red Tara Tree is an invitation of Love to honor your Moontime or Moonpause as part of

your Divine FeMinine nature, join in global sisterhood

& gift your Moonblood to the Trees. With this call we want to…

Nurture and protect the trees and forests





In 2018, The Guardian reported that a football field of trees is lost every second. Since then, deforestation has continued to increase. The trees are losing their critical mass. Their numbers threaten to drop below the minimum they need to sustain themselves as a species. However, the role of the trees is vital for the climate and the planet. The trees need our care and love. The core of Red Tara Tree is our desire to support the trees. We support Treesisters. read more

Creating a global community of women who honor life and nature

Everywhere and in all times women are seen as “keepers of the earth”. Bringing life, caring, sustaining are feminine principles. Red Tara Tree wants us to take back this role as guardians of nature, as sisterhood. Let’s take the close-knit root system of trees as an example and work together, support each other, help each other and our environment grow. Anything is possible when we come together in trust, security and inclusivity. Is there anything more needed today? read more





Breaking the taboo around menstruation so that women feel good in their bodies and empowered in their cyclical being





All over the world, WoMen suffer from negative cultural conditioning around femininity and menstruation. This has a strong impact on personal and collective health, self-confidence and identity. Red Tara Tree educates women about the positive power of menstruation. By reconnecting with our natural cycles, we become stronger and experience greater physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. read more

Bringing ancient herstory back to life with this timeless feminine practice!

Returning the moonblood to the earth is a powerful technology that our ancestors also practiced. It is probably the oldest ritual on earth, a sacrifice that requires no violence or lives! By activating this ancient feminine technology we heal ourselves and our environment. We amplify the Earth’s magnetic field and we ourselves become part of the Tree of Life. read more







Creating feminine leadership based on our FeMinine nature and our connection to nature





Red Tara Tree wants to promote a FeMale leadership based on a sense of being part of nature. Our menstrual cycle makes us part of nature. Our love for Mother Earth makes us part of nature. By providing information and by creating community, Red Tara Tree aims to strengthen the confidence to take personal and collective action for the benefit of the feminine, our natural environment and the next generation(s)! read more

Changing the perception around peace

We live in a society that for thousands of years has been based on the derailed masculine principles of power, domination and destruction. Women and nature are not honored and not valued and are often seen as property. Ever since the rise of patriarchy, there is a war against nature and women. It is high time we realized that there were times that this was different! The foundation of our society does not lie in war, invasion and domination. At the root of our civilization is an older society with a balance between man/woman and man/nature!
read more







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