We call upon all people with a womb to offer your moonblood to the trees.

Our Manifest

We all know that trees play a vital role in the survival of our planet and of humankind. They are the lungs of the earth, they breathe, they moisten, they provide, they sustain.

Sadly, every second a soccer field of trees is lost. That is what The Guardian reported in 2018. Deforestation has continued to rise ever since. How long does it take to read ‘every second’?

The trees are losing their critical mass. Their number is about to dive under the minimum they need to maintain themselves as a species. They are withdrawing from earth.

As keepers of the earth, we can turn that loss with an ancient practice that restores our natural place in the Tree of Life. A healing and life giving action that we want you to participate in. You. All over the world. Every second.

At the heart of Red Tara Tree is our wish to preserve and welcome the trees. Have you ever pondered upon the affinity between a tree and a FeMale womb? Maybe not…
Our wombs are more closely connected to the trees than you might imagine. Think of it, both trees and wombs are well known for their life giving virtues. They actually carry a distinct resemblance, you could see a womb as a tree with the ovaries as two main branches and invisible roots deep into the earth.


Trees bring oxygen. From the womb stems another one of the vital and extraordinary substances that exists on this planet. The substance that has nurtured every single human being. A substance so powerful and essential that it became taboo in modern society. This substance is our menstrual blood.
Modern science recently discovered that menstrual blood is rich in stem cells, cells with a regenerative power that can be used therapeutically. Our blood is rich in nutrients, containing more than a 1000 biological active proteins, immunity cells, red blood cells and more. Our menstrual blood is coded for Life! As many WoMen who give their blood to plants have noticed, menstrual blood is a potent fertilizer.


There once was a time that the menstrual blood was held sacred, even in Western societies. As late as the 17th century, WoMen walked the streets of Europe with their wise blood flowing freely down their legs, as it was believed to be a magical elixir and aphrodisiac. In Irish goddess lore, the first blood at the altar was menstrual blood. In the East menstrual blood is called ‘heavenly water’. In South-America when a girl starts bleeding, she is ‘flowering’. Till this day, Tibetan lamas still use menstrual blood in their rituals for the goddess Tara.

Fun fact: the original meaning of the word ‘taboo’ was ‘sacred’ and ‘katharsis’ meant to menstruate.

Unfortunately, nowadays WoMen are expected to ignore their bleeding, to flush it down the toilet, take a painkiller and continue business as usual as if nothing is happening. This pejorative view has detrimental effects on our well being. Many of us think that symptoms of womb dis-ease, such as PMS, menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding are normal. No, they are not!
It is time to reclaim the power and empowerment that menstrual blood holds! On the personal level, as soon as we start honoring the period, miracles will unleash, physically, emotionally and energetically. Over a few months of working consciously and ritually with the blood, the pain and irregularities grow less. The menstruation becomes a blessing and ‘inner adventure’ instead of a curse. Our moonblood is a tool for empowerment.


Another way of reclaiming the power of the menstruation, is by offering our blood to nature and to the trees. Such an offering is probably the oldest ritual that exists on earth, a sacrifice that requires no violence or lifes! By gifting our blood to the trees, we bring ourselves in harmony with the power of the menstrual cycle and we connect with the creative principle of life. We make ourselves accessible to the rhythms, the powers and the spirits of nature. We become a tree and the tree becomes part of us. Instead of conquering and controlling, we begin cooperating with the Tree of Life.


Women have always been Keepers of the Earth. We still are! Red Tara Tree invites WoMen all over the world to bring their menstrual blood to the trees. Every second. As such we create a global web of WoMen who honor Life and Nature. We restore an ageless feminine practice. We reclaim the power of the womb and the sacredness of the blood. We revive Ancient Herstory! And just like the root system of the trees, we move and grow together in love, respect and communion. Is there anything more needed nowadays?

So let’s bring our FeMale menstrual blood to the trees to honor them, to nurture them, to reconnect them to the very force of life! Let’s reclaim this old feminine technology of healing ourselves and our surroundings by offering our blood to nature.

We reach out to all FeMales who shed moonblood. We also call upon WoMen who’ve had a hysterectomy and WoMen in moon-a-pause. We invite girls who haven’t yet started bleeding to accompany their older sisters, mother, aunts, friends. We invite all male partners, fathers, lovers to hold space. We call upon all those who love and respect the Tree of Life. We call upon all folks who identify with the qualities of giving life, taking care, nurturing, sustaining, connecting, loving.

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