Mary Magdalene is without a doubt the most famous ‘whore’ of the last 2000 years. A questionable honor? Not if you know that the word ‘whore’ comes from ‘hor’ or ‘har’ or ‘her’. Originally, a power root word that meant “womb” and “priestess” in ancestral times when the Sacred Feminine was recognized and honored.

Mary Magdalene was indeed a womb shaman, a medicine wombman, a priestess of the grail, a feminine christ. A woman with an awakened womb-heart, who stood fully in her sensual and spiritual power. The sacred union between Mary Magdalene and Jeshua is one of the best kept secrets in the world. The inner alchemy practices she performed together with Jeshua helped him strengthen his ka or light body and gave him the strength to speak to the masses and go through his resurrection rite. If this tantric shamanic lovestory were the basis of our history, the world would look different. Mary Magdalene was the Apostle of the Apostles, the Beloved Companion. Some researchers say she single-handedly evangelized France, which was maybe the hidden reason behind the merciless persecution of the Cathars and Templars.

During this 5-month Mary Magdalene Initiation, we will step into a veiled sanctuary of legends, ancient mystery school teachings and inner alchemy practices. Two live retreats in the Cathar region in the South of France will allow you to breathe in the enigma and sacredness of the sites where legends say Mary Magdalene has been and taught. Apart from the live retreats, you will receive two online modules to further deepen your relationship with Mary Magdalene at home.


3-8 July ’24 Live Retreat: 

Pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene in the Cathar region in the South of France


22 July ’24: Online Ceremony to celebrate Mary Magdalene’s Day


Sep ’24 Online Course:

Re-member the Feminine face of the Divine


2-9 Oct:

Journey through the Portals of Womb and Hara


Nov ’24 Online course: 

Sacred se*x*uality


The Cathar region in the South of France is stunning: wild nature, ancient thermal baths, lots of history and herstory, legends and myths, castles, churches, beautiful people, nice food…

The beautiful river Aude

On the belly of Mount Bugarach

Mermaid invitations

Mary Magdalene Cave

Mesmerizing ancient sites

Many springs

Jeanne d'Arc

Megalitic remnants

Stunning churches

Limoux lies half an hour below Carcassonne. Carcasonne airport is at 30min by car and Toulouse airport 1.5h driving. Limoux has a train station. We provide transport to and from the airport.

Villa Sainte Marie

Typical French blue shutters and old walls between the different parts of the beautiful land

Guarded by the cypress

Nurtured by Sacred FeMinine energy

Room with a view

Our chalet

Sleeping between fruit trees

Romantic and close to nature

Super cosy glamping tent

Our deluxe temple tent

Delicious vegetarian food

Happy womb, happy woman

Villa Sainte Marie, where you will be lodged, is an exceptional and healing place that used to belong to the nuns of Cluny and afterwards to a pioneer in permaculture. We sleep in the main house behind cute blue shutters, or in wooden houses and glamping tents between the fruit trees on the land. We do the process work in the beautiful temple tent under the protection of a female taxus tree.

Hi there, I am Mieke Anthuenis (1972). I am a shamanic womb priestess, healer, and menstrual mentor, devoted to the sacred feminine, the way of the soul and birthing the new earth. Since 2005, I walk a mystic and shamanic healing path with strong influence from my time in Peru and Colombia and the teachers I met there, both in human, plant and spirit form. With a background in shiatsu and tuina, I seek to bring in the rich and old eastern view on womxn’s well-being. In 2017, I founded (former) Moving Inside, dedicated to feminine spirituality and holistic-natural sources for women’s health and empowerment, such as womb steaming, ritual bathing and herbal sweat lodge. Those are still the red thread in my current work. In 2020 I started Red Tara Tree to reclaim the sacredness of the red path of women: the mysteries of menstruation, se*x*uality, menopause. Since 2023, I organize spiritual pilgrimages in the South of France. Some of my trainings are: womb awakening facilitator, moon mother, vaginal steam therapist, shamanic counselor, conscious dance facilitator, sweat lodge facilitator…

I am truly honored to connect with you. xxx