Pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene in the South of France

Mary Magdalene is without a doubt the most famous ‘whore’ of the last 2000 years. A questionable honor? Not if you know that the word ‘whore’ comes from ‘hor’ or ‘har’ or ‘her’. A word that meant “womb” and “priestess” in ancestral times where the Sacred Feminine was recognized and honored. Mary Magdalene was indeed a womb shaman, a medicine woman, a priestess of the grail. A woman who was fully in her sexual and spiritual strength. If her real worth and her love story with Jesus were the basis of our history, the world would look different.

I am delighted to invite you to undertake a pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene in the week of Oct 30 to Nov 5 2023. No better place for that than in the Cathar region, the region in the South of France where Mary Magdalene lives very strongly in the hearts of the people. This pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene is an outward journey to places where she has been, where the legends say she preached and baptized. But not only that. We are also going on an inner journey to our own feminine sovereignty, sensuality and spirituality.

In the footsteps of Mary Magdalene we follow the ‘red path’. The way of the sensual and spiritual woman. We explore the unity of the bodily and the divine, the feminine and the masculine within us, heaven and earth, menstruation and devotion, love and consciousness. Together we undertake a healing quest through the inner landscape of our feminine womb. Because our womb is the holy grail.

In addition to the red path, we also follow the ‘green path’. Mary Magdalene is also a herbalist. She anoints and heals with plants. In this 7-day we also include that. We get to work with the healing power of nature. We are going to anoint and bathe.

In short, in a safe group of sisters we undertake a journey through the grail gates of our womb and our feminine soul. We do this through visits to sacred sites, ancient mystery school teachings, ritual, guided meditation, de-amouring, zen*sual self-healing, dance, singing, mantra, womb steaming and bathing. It’s time to free our wild woman and live from our most powerful feminine selves. Are you ready?


We stay at Villa Sainte Marie, a beautiful place that long belonged to nuns who had an enormous vegetable and herbal garden. There is also a statue of Mary Magdalene. We sleep in glamping tents between the fruit trees or in the small houses on the site. We do the process work in the beautiful temple tent on the land.


The places we visit during the pilgrimage are related to places in our inner landscape, energetic gateways in our body. We will visit caves, hot springs, Fontaines des Amours and the Throne of Isis in Rennes Les Bains, the famous Rennes Le Chateau, the fairy forests at the foot of Bugarach and more…


Dutch and English


Arrival Oct 30, 2023
Departure Nov 5, 2023


Limoux is half an hour below Carcassonne. There is an airport (Carcasonne) and a train station (Limoux). We can provide transport to and from the airport if required.

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Art: Karmiev Aryz, ‘Sainte Mary Magdalene’
“Mieke makes working with the pain body almost a pleasure, very clear guidance and very rewarding at the end of the tunnel. She is a woman/shaman of great medicine and I would recommend her highly to every woman I care about, to let herself be carried and healed by the space. Mieke is able to (co-) create. 4 weeks after the retreat I still feel blessed by the experience we all created together and I’m very thankful that I finally learned how to self-love en feel worthy of stepping into my greatest potential. And I will need to keep fueling that, still healing to be done, and that’s ok, gives me a great and happy reason to come back for more! 🙂

“How glad I am that I gifted myself this wonderful pilgrimage. Mary Magdalene called…I followed her invitation. The journey has opened something healing, powerful in me, kissed awake something that is difficult for me to put into words. A deeper homecoming to my womb and soul. Several moments where I was deeply touched and moved, in which I was allowed to experience the immense power of love that lurks in my womb. It felt so safe, so powerful, so coming home, so connected to a universal force. We had wonderful days. In an enriching mix of teachings and practices, visits and rituals at the power places, relax and enjoy the environment, nature, being together with a blissful, powerful group of women connected in the sacred energy of Mary Magdalene. Thank you, Mieke, powerful sister, for sharing and living your integrated wisdom. Your loving, warm softness, inner strength and feeling and authentic, humble Being.”


“It was a fantastic experience! Everything was magical! I was traveling in different timelines… Fantastic location! Your knowledge of the theme, chapeau! The workshop sessions! The mega delicious food! Everything was magical and beautifully accompanied! Very intense and beautiful experience”


With deep gratitude, I look back on an immersion in Mary Magdalene energy in the Cathar region. Under the guidance of the wise, beautiful, powerful Mieke. With in the most fitting way also support from her partner Olivier. An initiation into the Mysteries, into a bath of sisterhood… and a deep anchoring in the divine feminine as well as masculine. I have rarely experienced such energetically charged places as on this journey.


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