“The return of

Womb Consciousness

is the greatest revolution happening on our planet at this time”

– Seren & Azra Bertrand –

The transformative journey of the 1-Year Womb Priestess Training is a sacred initiation into the ancient wisdom and divine mysteries that reside within the FeMinine essence. Rooted in a profound connection to the Womb and the Sacred FeMinine, this training invites womxn to embark on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual evolution. By becoming a Womb Priestess, you step into the role of a sacred stewardess of life, dedicated to honoring the divine feminine, reclaiming your own soft power, and becoming a channel of healing and wisdom for the world. From the Womb, you birth a new you, and you birth a new world.

What is the 13 Moon Womb Priestess Training?

This 13 Moon Womb Priestess Training is a holistic and immersive program designed to reawaken the sacred feminine within every womxn. It draws inspiration from ancient practices and wisdom traditions that honor the Womb as a powerful source of intuition, creativity, and spiritual insight. Throughout the year-long journey, we delve into a diverse curriculum that encompasses ritualistic practices, feminine healing arts, and profound mystery school teachings on the energetics of the Womb and the FeMinine face of the divine.

What is the Womb?

The womb is more than a physical organ, fostering a connection that goes beyond the physiological aspects of reproduction. In many lost traditions across the world, the sacred Womb space is considered a portal to the divine. Carrying the codes of the great mystery of creation, the Womb connects us to the web of life: the cosmos, Mother Earth, nature, plants and animals. Carrying the codes for all genders, the Womb invites us to heal and balance masculine and feminine aspects, preparing us for healthy, loving relationships with ourselves and with others. The Womb guides us back to the blueprint of our soul and our unique mission in this life. Read more.

Important note: you can access the energy of the womb whether or not your are fertile, or have a physical womb!

What is a Womb Priestess?

A Womb Priestess has learned to harness the creative and spiritual power of the Womb, and cultivate a deep understanding of the cyclical nature and interconnectedness of life. She is a vessel for the divine feminine and masculine, a bridge between past and future, rooted in the earth and the body, connected to cosmic intelligence. A Womb Priestess has her unique connection to the divine and knows that everybody has that unique, innate connection. She has found her passion and magic, and knows she is strongest while subtly enchanting instead of changing the world. 

Why this Womb Priestess Training?

In a world that often disconnects us from our innate wisdom and cyclic nature, the Womb Priestess Training offers a sanctuary for womxn to reclaim their authenticity and power. This training is a response to the collective yearning for a deeper connection to oneself, the Earth, and the cosmic energies that guide us.

How does the Training Unfold?

4 live retreats + 6 online courses + 1 on 1 mentoring + FB community

The training includes 4 live retreats in the enigmatic and powerful Cathar region in the South of France. Visits to sacred sites and nature will bring additional depth to our inner healing and learning processes. 

In the months between the live retreats, you will receive online training modules, live Q&A’s and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions.    

Our Facebook community opens the space for personal sharing among the others sisters who heard the sacred calling to walk the path of the empowered Womb Priestess with grace, love, and profound spiritual understanding.

Through sisterhood, mentorship, and experiential learning, each womxn is supported in their unique journey towards embodying the essence of the Womb Priestess. 

How long does the Womb Priestess Training last?

The training starts in April 2024 with a live retreat on the foundations of Womb Awakening. There are 3 live retreats in 2024 and one in 2025. The last live retreat takes place in April 2025 (dates to be confirmed) and will be your certification moment. Ideally, you start in April with the live retreat on the foundations of Womb Awakening and you follow the order of the program as presented. That is the best scenario. The weekly prerecorded audio and video material of the online modules can be followed at your own pace, but preferably before the end of the month that they are offered. The live webinars of the online modules are highly recommended to attend. See also the next question, should you not be able to make it to one of the live retreats or complete the entire training within 13 moons. , we offer you the time till December 2025 to follow all the live retreats.

What if it is impossible for you to complete the entire training within 13 months?

If the pace of the training is too high for you and impossible to combine with other family or work obligations OR if you cannot make it to one of the live retreats in 2024, we offer the possibility to follow the training in a time span of 2 years. This means that you can chose to certify in April 2026 instead of April 2025. This edition of the Priestess Training runs from April 2024 to April 2025. The next edition of the Priestess Training starts in April 2025 and ends April 2026, with the same program. You can chose to postpone some of the modules to 2025. There are 2 conditions though: 1/we want you to attend at least two of the live retreats in 2024, so that we can meet each other in person to deepen our relationship. 2/The last 2 modules – Prepare your ritual + Perform your ritual – need to be kept for last as they are meant for certification. 


The before last module: “Prepare Your Ritual” gives you a month to prepare a ritual that brings together all the aspects that have spoken to you most during our 13 Moon process together. You chose about the type of ritual that you will bring and around what topic. During the last live retreat “Perform Your Ritual”, you will perform this ritual with all the participants of the Womb Priestess Training for certification. 

For whom is this training?

This training welcomes spiritual womxn. In principle, there are no pre-requirements for you to join this programme. Follow the call of your heart and womb. The only condition is to have a 20-minutes online introductory call with Mieke, your teacher. You can book your intake here.

Important note: two of the live retreats (Pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene + Journey through the Portals of the Womb & Hara) and 2 of the online modules (Re-member the Feminine Face of the Divine + Sacred se*x*uality) are for men & womxn. Entering the Age of Aquarius, balancing the masculine and feminine energies within and without is of major importance, both on the personal and collective level.

13 Moons = 13 Modules

April 3-8, 2024: Womb Awakening & Healing – Live Retreat

May 2024: Wisdom of the Blood – Online Course

June 2024: 1 on 1 Mentoring – Individual Session Online

July 3-8, 2024: Pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene – Live Retreat

Aug 2024: Summer Break & Integration Time

September 2024: Feminine Face of the Divine – Online Course

October 2-9: Journey through the Portals of the Womb & Hara – Live Retreat

November 2024: Sacred Se*x*uality – Online Course

December 2024: Become a Keeper of the Earth – Online Course

January 2025: Ancient Herstory & Ancestral Healing – Online

February 2025: Natural Feminine Leadership – Online Course

March 2025: Break – Time to Prepare Your Ritual

April 2025: Perform Your Ritual – Certification – Live Retreat

Hi there, I am Mieke Anthuenis (1972). I am a shamanic womb priestess, healer, and menstrual mentor, devoted to the sacred feminine, the way of the soul and birthing the new earth. Since 2005, I walk a mystic and shamanic healing path with strong influence from my time in Peru and Colombia and the teachers I met there, both in human, plant and spirit form. With a background in shiatsu and tuina, I seek to bring in the rich and old eastern view on womxn’s well-being. In 2017, I founded (former) Moving Inside, dedicated to feminine spirituality and holistic-natural sources for women’s health and empowerment, such as womb steaming, ritual bathing and herbal sweat lodge. Those are still the red thread in my current work. In 2020 I started Red Tara Tree to reclaim the sacredness of the red path of women: the mysteries of menstruation, se*x*uality, menopause, birth and death. Since 2023, I organize spiritual pilgrimages in the South of France. Some of my trainings are: wisdom keeper of the womb, moon mother, vaginal steam therapist, tuina therapist, shamanic counselor, conscious dance facilitator, sweat lodge facilitator… In the field of the feminine, I studied with: Seren & Azra Bertrand, Miranda Gray, Leyolah Antara, Diana Beaulieu, Keli Garza, Leontine Hartzell oa…

I am truly honored to connect with you. xxx