Come home to your womb


Our Womb is a power place. Womb or uterus for persons with a female biology. Hara for people with a male biology. Persons who had a hysterectomy and no longer have a physical womb, can still very much connect to the energetic womb space, that is as powerful.

Really, our womb is a power place. For thousands of years, the womb has been forgotten, treated only as the organ that births children and that delivers ‘unclean’ and ‘cursed’ functions such as menstruation and menopause. In religion, the womb is demonized as the seat of feminine sexuality and thus sin.

Luckily, the womb made a huge comeback in the the last 5 to 10 years. She is again seen as the temple that has the breathtaking capacity of gestating and birthing a new human being. Even if you never had children yourself, this potential to create life is absolutely astonishing and sacred. Through our belly, spirit comes into matter. This creative principle also applies to projects, dreams, desires. Everything is born from the womb.

In pre-patriarchal traditions, the womb is revered as a holy grail. Mother Earth is the Great Womb. Our galaxy, the universe, the multiverse have one or more ‘Cosmic Wombs’: the black hole from where everything that exists, is birthed and to which everything returns. The womb of the WoMan is regarded as an emanation of this cosmic and earthly womb.

Now, if you consider the abundance that the earth and the cosmos create, then you start to understand the treasure that we carry in our pelvic bowl. In many mystic and shamanic lineages, the womb is the seat of the soul. Our essence resides there, our creativity, our vitality, our intuition, our memory, our deepest emotions, our potential to experience sacred sexuality.

It is of major importance for our general well-being and health that we take care of our womb. Menarche (the first bleed of a young girl), menstruation and menopause are natural cycles in a WoMan’s life, through which we can learn to take care of our womb. Unfortunately, many of us have not learned to bleed well. Nor have we learned to prepare for a graceful transition into menopause. Very often we are disconnected from our womb. With all the consequences: pms, menstrual pain, emotional suffering, hormonal unbalance, feelings of unworthiness, menopausal distress, depression, unfertility, dis-ease.

We, of Red Tara Tree, are trained as womb awakening facilitators and womb healers. We have witnessed incredible results when WoMen start to heal and reconnect to their womb. A WoMan who loves her yoni (sanscrit for vagina, vulva, cervix, ovaries and uterus) loves herself. She knows what she wants to create, she knows her boundaries, she knows her mission. We wish that for everybody.