Individual Mentoring

Since 2017, Mieke Anthuenis (Belgium, 1972) is a certified Womb Awakening Practitioner, Womb Healer, Level III Moon Mother, Shamanic Counselor and Vaginal Steam Facilitator with a background in Tuina. She teaches about FeMale well-being and FeMinine spirituality and is also co-author of the bestselling book, Return To The Motherworld.

Healing modalities offered in individual session, online and live are: scared feminine guidance, womb awakening, menstrual and menopausal mentoring, vaginal steaming, womb healing, womb blessing, female soul healing, soul retrieval, divination, shamanic journeying.

Healing modalities

Womb Awakening

Do you want to reconnect to your womb and reconcile with your WoManhood?

Is it time for you to ground in your authentic truth and embody your highest self?

Do you long to ignite your sexual and spiritual power?

According to your needs, we work around

– aligning the feminine energy centers

– grounding and reconnecting to earth

– listening to the needs of the womb

– releasing old wounds and trauma from the womb

– healing the relationship with the masculine

– healing the distorted feminine

– healing the ancestral lineage

– awakening your intuitive and creative powers

Menstrual and menopausal mentoring

Is your menstrual cycle a cause for distress or an obstacle for your wellbeing? Is the transition into menopause overwhelming and emotionally challenging? Are you ready to unlock the inherent success formula of our natural rhythms?

I help you find back the power and the blessing of the FeMale nature. I support you in becoming aware of your inner rhythms and help you manage the different and sometimes difficult energies and emotions, so that you can tap into your natural flow for more harmony, success, and abundance.

Vaginal steaming for menstrual and menopausal challenges

Do you suffer from menstrual or menopausal imbalances? Or do you simply want to tap into the power of your womb?

The vaginal steam bath is a sauna with carefully chosen herbs specifically for the female womb. It is a gentle, natural and accessible practice to assist the well-being of the yoni. The steam brings warmth and circulation to the pelvis, an area that is often cold or stagnant. The flow and temperature contribute to a better balance in your cycle, hormones, emotions and energy.

Vaginal or yoni steaming steaming is a great complementary support to address menstrual and menopausal imbalances such as lower back pain, cramps, swollen breasts, irritability, volatile moods, bloating, tiredness, anxiety, depression, pms, pmdd, hot flashes, dryness, disturbed sleep…

The analysis for your personalised steam plan is based on principles of TCM.

When you steam, you feel more connected to your body, your feminine essence awakens and at the same time you experience a profound sense of peace.

It is the feminine meditation par excellence, and all you have to do is enjoy it!


Womb Blessing

The Womb Blessing® gives you an unstoppable incentive to live according to your unique FeMinine essence. The blessing was created by Miranda Gray, internationally renowned healer, author and teacher in the field of awakening feminine energy. The Blessing literally breathes new life into suppressed or dormant aspects of the universal feminine qualities inside of you. It helps you to love and accept yourself in all your faces and phases, emotions and expressions. As such, the Womb Blessing is a beautiful and empowering ritual that activates your self-healing powers. It brings balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. 


Shamanic techniques

Are you ready to rediscover fragments of your essence that may have been lost or disconnected due to past traumas or life challenges?

Would you like to harness the wisdom and guidance of your power animal, spirit guides and your inner wise woman to navigate life’s complexities with clarity, strength, and purpose?

Are you looking for profound insights into your life path, uncover hidden truths, and receive guidance on pivotal decisions?

Through gentle, intuitive practices such as soul retrieval, shamanic journeying and divination, I help you align with your highest potential.


Food & Lifestyle advice

Based on the intake we do for the personalized vaginal steaming plan, I provide structural advice with regards to food and lifestyle.

Energy exchange

  • 88eur per session of 1 to 1,5h (including personalised steam plan)
  • 50eur for 30 min follow up on steaming
  • 160eur for 2 sessions of 1 to 1,5h including personalised steam plan + other healing modality.
  • 300eur for healing bundle of 4 sessions of 1 to 1,5h including personalised steam plan, follow up on steaming, additional mentoring and healing modalities according to your needs.


Having had to encounter multiple women’s issues since menarche and to this day, vaginal steaming has been a real game-changer. Mieke’s guidance, her personalized individual steam plans for me and her empathic follow-up provide me with crucial support, knowledge, perspective and agency in my healing.

– Dagmar (Dancer, Choreographer)

All the sessions with Mieke were a deepening of my connection with my sacred space into the womb and with my feminine essence. First time I steamed, was a complete revelation and the sensations in the body and inside my heart were so beautiful and refreshing. They brought me a new level of understanding of who I am as a woman and how much I avoided in the past this deep connection with my true female essence. I would advise the work that Mieke is doing and her supervision to any woman, she is a caring, sweet and wise medicine woman, embarked on an amazing journey for educating and supporting other women in their own process of growth and healing.

– Irini Hara

From the first time I steamed, I noticed positive changes in my body. At first it felt as if stagnation and blockages were being made moving again. I can also notice the relaxing effect that steaming brings, both physically and mentally. I feel like my body can set its own rhythm to let it take effect. The effect is not always the same, but it is always healing. Mieke also always feels like coming home. It’s like it was always meant to be this way.

– Wendy B

This women’s ritual with herbal steam has put my cycle back in order (3 years after the birth of my daughter!!) and further healed my pelvis, which had been painful all along.

– Lien VE

Professional trainings Mieke

  • 2023-2024: Sacred Woman Awakening Practitioner Training (level 1-3), Diana Beaulieu
  • 2021-2022: Tantric Rose Mystery School Priestess Training, Leyolah Antara
  • 2021-2022: Tuina Therapist, Wellness Academie, Belgium. 
  • 2021: Soul Retrieval Training, Leontine Hartzell, USA.
  • 2017-2020: Peristeam Hydrotherapist, Keli Garza & Kirstin Gonzalez, USA.
  • 2019: Sweat Lodge Facilitator Training, Annika Zialliacus, Frans Scheerder & Jean Verstraete, France. 
  • 2019: Initiation in Crone, Miranda Gray, Spain
  • 2019: Moon Mother level 3, Miranda Gray, Spain
  • 2019: The Herbal Healer with Holly Bellebuono, The Shift Network, USA.
  • 2019: Massage Therapist, Wellness Academie, Belgium
  • 2018-2019: Conscious Dance Facilitator Training, Lisa Michaels, USA.
  • 2018: Moon Mother Level 2, Miranda Gray, Spain
  • 2018; Teacher Training Womb Awakening, Seren and Azra Bertrand/Angie and Rod Twydall, UK
  • 2018: 9 Moon Apprenticeship Womb Awakening, Seren and Azra Bertrand, USA.
  • 2018; Conscious Dance Facilitator Training, Natural Rhythms Revolution, USA.
  • 2016-2018: Core Shamanism Training, Belgische School voor Sjamanisme,, Belgium
  • 2017: Sacred Woman Awakening, Diana Beaulieu.
  • 2017-2020: Moon Mother level 1, Miranda Gray
  • 2017: Dance and Movement Therapy, Agape Belgium
  • 2016: Trauma Essentials, Centrum Open Mind, Gent, Belgium
  • 2013 & 2014 & 2015: Kulla Killi Raimi, international encounter with female shamans, Columbia 
  • 2013: Marma Massage, School voor Avondonderwijs, Belgium
  • 2013: Shiatsu, Andre Poppe, Belgium
  • 2010: Teacher Training Shamanic Yoga, World Shamanic Yoga Institute, Peru
  • 2005-2007: Shiatsu, Kimura Institute, Belgium

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