What is the Red Tara Tent?

Red Tara Tent is an online circle of WoMen who come together to connect to the womb and to share the wisdom of the blood. It provides a sacred space for belonging and genuine sisterhood. A sanctuary where we can safely surrender to the powerful emotions, energies and visions that our feminine nature brings.

For Whom? 

This circle is for persons with a cycle at any moment of the cycle. If you are in moon-a-pause, or if you have had a hysterectomy, you are also very welcome!

You can work with the spirit and the energy of the womb and the menstrual blood.

These journeys are not recommended for WoMen during pregnancy, as the energetics of the bleeding is an opening and a downward release.


Just as our foremothers did when they bled, we withdraw from the ordinary world. In a guided meditation or a shamanic journey, we connect to the medicine of the bleeding time. Afterwards we share the insights and gifts that we received. We use our blood as a shamanic tool to go on an inner journey!


Menstruating is the first spiritual technology ever! Red Tara Tree wants to restore this custom for the new era that we are now entering as a planet! Let’s open ourselves to a deep remembering of who we really are and what our soul destiny truly is. Let’s do this profound transformational work for ourselves, for the planet and for the future generations.

If you want to learn more about the Wisdom of the Blood, you can follow our online course HERE.


If you have menstrual imbalances or menopausal challenges, you can book a 1-on-1 healing session or healing bundle. Menstruation and menopause do not have to be a curse. They can become a blessing.


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Have you ever heard about a shamanic journey? A shamanic journey is a meditation where you explore the inner and invisible world to find healing and insight. This journey of discovery is fueled by the power of our imagination, trance and intuition rather than by ordinary logical and rational thinking.

We have all experienced that our moontime brings us into an altered state of consciousness. It is often more difficult to function at work or with daily chores when we bleed. We can’t really focus that much, our spatial awareness and motoric capacities are different, our senses are heightened, our intuition is so much stronger, and we just feel like withdrawing. In our moontime, we naturally enter into a state of trance. When the blood flows, visions and intuition will also flow.

Fun fact: The word ‘ritual’ originates from Sanskrit ‘Rtu’ which means menstrual blood.

Our bleeding is the perfect predisposition for meditation and shamanic journey. That is why so many myths and stories talk about ‘a descent into the underworld’. Persephone, Snowwhite and Little Red Riding Hood… all embark on a journey deep into the inner lands of the FeMale. They return blessed with gifts of renewal, self knowledge and prophecy. Actually, the bleeding is similar to a plant medicine ceremony.

In old Mayan tradition, the tribe gathered in a circle in the morning and menstruating WoMen would share their dreams. These dreams and visions were believed to hold prophetic insight that was crucial for the whole tribe.

Menstruating has been the first spiritual technology ever. Red Tara Tree wants to restore this practice for a new era. We invite you to join our Red Tara Tent to go on a retreat into the inner womb space.

We do a visualization together after which we share our feelings, visions and insights. The Red Tara Tent is a place to share the wisdom and the prophecy that resides in honoring our cycle, just like our ancestors did. We let our blood enhance our prophetic and healing capacities. This sacred work creates deep personal healing, but it also ripples out to heal the collective.