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Moon Mother®, Womb Awakening facilitator, Womb Steam Practitioner, Shamanic Counselor and Herbal Steam Lodge Facilitator


I first sat in a women’s circle in 2010. I was in the south of Colombia at a maloka for a cross cultural gathering of female shamans who spoke about feminine spirituality and menstruation. One afternoon we gathered at the edge of the mountain, the condors circling above us in the blue sky, small yellow vagina shaped flowers in the grass where we sat, I remember it so clearly. We were sharing, singing and praying and offering our blood to a pit in the center of the circle. In Spanish they call that ‘sembrar la sangre’, to plant your blood. This was the beginning of my love story with my moon blood. For 10 years now, sitting on my womb and working with my blood is the core of my spiritual practice. It is a very intimate, individual and truthful way of connecting to the most hidden and deepest realms of myself, in all layers of my being. My menstrual cycle is such an accurate barometer of my health and well being. The letting go each month allows me to reflect on what no longer serves me and give that back to the earth so that she can help me grow as a little seed. As I live close to a forest, I am privileged to be able to give my blood to trees. I have become part of the forest and the forest is part of me. Offering the blood to me is a powerful spiritual technology of connecting with the cosmos, nature, Life.

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Priestess of the Goddess, Peristeam Hydrotherapist for Vaginal Steaming, Moon Mother®, Womb Awakening Facilitator, Psychotherapist and Doula


I started my research on menstruation more than 25 years ago. Over all these years I learned a lot of different practises, healing methods and ancient wisdom about menstrual blood and the female cycle. Thus I became a Womb Healer. I love to read my blood as a reflection of my well being, use it for paintings and dry some of it every month to be able to use it in ritual after my menstruating years. Whenever possible I retreat and reconnect every time I bleed. I love to go to the woods and in my garden, free bleeding and using my blood for magic. Since October 2020 there is a special tree I share my blood with. It is a pear tree standing at the ancient temple space in Frauenberg near Leibnitz in Austria. I had the honor to initiate this tree as Womb Tree according to the work of Miranda Gray (https://wombblessing.com/resources/the-international-womb-tree-project/) with a priestess sister of mine. Since that day I go there every time I bleed to bring my blood and love to this special ally. This is my holy ritual bringing healing to myself, the trees and to Mother Earth herself. I feel in my womb, my bone and all my cells that Mama Gaia is deeply connected with our wombs and needs our support.

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Artist, Wild Medicine Wombyn


When I was about one year old my body started to change due to a condition that caused my puberty to start too early. I got medication and monthly check-ups, until I got to the age of twelve, when my body was finally allowed to develop into a woman. It is only recently that I’ve made the link between these events and my passion for womanhood that started to seep into my spirit from that moment on. I struggled with my transforming body, didn’t know how to move it, how to take care of it, or how to love it. When I started taking the pill, my inner life changed drastically as well. Everything felt flat, nowhere near the powerful and creative fluctuating movement of the natural female experience. I quit after just a few months, feeling reborn with passion, ready to liberate myself and women around me from our own ignorance towards our bodies. Our wombs are the center of creation, the blood that flows from it is the nectar of life. I give my blood to nature as a sign of deep connection with my real, raw womanhood, which has been repressed for years, and in gratitude for our mother Gaia, the moon, the sacred feminine…

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