1000 Tara’s for

Menstrual Hygiene: Hope Day

Join our Redvolution of Love

We are calling out to 1000 Tara’s worldwide to break the taboo around menstruation and to reclaim the power of the FeMale* nature as a catalyst for change and peace.

Days till Menstrual Hygiene:Hope Day








Did you miss it?

Don’t worry!

We have made an e-book to commemorate all the events during Menstrual Month and the Collective Healing Ceremony on Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Why do we launch this invitation?

May is International Menstrual Month and 28th of May is International Menstrual Hygiene Day. The purpose of Menstrual Day and Menstrual Month is to make menstruation a normal fact of lifeThe negative cultural view on menstruation is indeed an underlying cause for the huge percentage of women that are suffering from menstrual, menopausal and reproductive imbalances. To shift shame around menstruation (and menopause and menarche) is indeed very necessary.

It is also time to go one step further. It is time to bring back the awareness of the sacredness of menstruation and the power of the FeMale nature as a catalyst for peace.

We want to gather 1000 Tara’s because of the Tibetan prophecy that says: “When 1000 Tara’s unite, the tone of our sacred earth shall shift from fear to compassion”. We also believe we can anchor the Hopi prophecy: “When women start again to give their moonblood back to nature, men will come home from war and there will be peace.”

Giving the moonblood to nature was the first ritual ever. Our foremothers did it. It is a very natural thing to do. An act of reciprocity with nature. It is the only sacrifice that requires no violence. We are tired of bloodshed and war. We long for peace. Do you also long for peace?


Reaching out to 1000 Tara's...



… WoMen and persons born with a FeMale biology…

… with or without a cycle, during or after the menstruating years, having had hysterectomy…

… who embrace the FeMinine nature, who honor the moontime, who dream of the balance between masculine and feminine, between humans and nature, between humans and the greater Tree of Life.

We also reach out to our brothers, partners, sons and fathers to hold space for us during this month.

*We recognise that not everyone who menstruates identifies as a woman and that not all women menstruate

for Menstrual Hygiene Day


This Collective Healing Ceremony is designed to to shift the shame around menstruation, menarche and menopause and to heal personal and collective wounds with regards to our FeMale nature so that we can manifest the New Earth as sisterhood. 

The ceremony is online and free, and is brought by international healers and teachers in the field of the divine feminine, the womb and Mother Earth.

You will receive a womb activation (Emmi Mutale), channeling for Mama Gaia (Mare Cromwell), healing of the first and the last blood (Karin Persons), healing of the ancestral lineage (Diana Beaulieu), transmission of menstrual mysteries (Mieke Anthuenis), special blessing from a very ancient wisdom tradition (Bärbel Waltl)

+ surprise act at the end!

Time: 19h30 CEST/18h30 BST/10h30 PDT/11h30 MDT/13h30 EDT/20h30 EEST

Please double check for your own timezone. 19h30 CEST= Brussels time

Click on the image for more info.

You are also warmly invited to join our Red Tara Tent

In this special edition of the Red Tara Tent for Menstrual Month, we do an guided meditation or shamanic journey together, online, in a sacred circle of sisters. Just like Inanna, we descend into the Earth. In spirit, we bring an offering of our moon blood. We let go of what no longer serves us, personally and collectively. From this place of universal wisdom and love, we dream the New Earth into being. We mobilize the wisdom of the womb and our cycles for the benefit of humankind and our planet.

* You can choose a date that is close to your bleeding time
* No worries if you do not bleed (anymore), we work with the spirit of the blood
* If you are bleeding, we encourage you to offer your blood back to nature in the energy and shared intention of this global call for Menstrual Month.

We also encourage you to perform your own moontime ritual...

Video by Michelle Keiser, featuring Dous Sarah, music by Victor Libert.

at home or with your community…

in nature, in your garden, on your terrace…

an act of reciprocity with life, nature, the trees…

reclaiming the oldest ritual on our planet, connecting us to our foremothers

in the energy and with the shared intention of this call…


Watch the replay of our opening ceremony

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