E-book 1000 Tara’s for Menstrual Hygiene Day

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This e-book is made to commemorate the global web of sisterhood that we created in the context of “1000 Tara’s for Menstrual Hygiene Day” 2024. It contains a link to the replay, all the transcripts of the transmissions during the Collective Healing Ceremony, free gifts from all of the healers, the transcripts of the surprise act by our brothers, the visions of the New Earth shared by the beloved Tara’s who participated, and words of love for the men. Read more about this month long, worldwide event: https://redtaratree.org/e-book-1000-taras-for-menstrual-hygiene-day/

You can purchase this e-book for free or donate a small amount to support our work and contribute to the real costs made during this month of free, online events.

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