All the basics you need to know to perform your own menstrual miracle

Do you believe in miracles? Maybe not. But they are closer to home than you would imagine… And you are the one who can perform them…

By connecting to your Womb and honoring the menstrual cycle, many miracles can unfold. Symptoms of womb dis-ease, such as emotional pain, menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding can dissolve. But not only that. 

When you discover the ins and outs of your cyclical being, you reveal the best kept secret in the world: how to manage your energy and time in such a way that it leads to effortless success and natural leadership. Like peeling an onion, you get to know yourself on a much deeper level, cycle after cycle. To know yourself helps you to love and accept yourself. Spiraling with your cycle, you sink into a grounded place of awareness, well-being and response-ability for our own life. At the same time, this journey into self-love and self-mastery connects you to something that is much bigger than yourself: you sync with universal rhythms of nature and the cosmos. You become a natural shaman.

Conscious bleeding is an art that, unfortunately, we do not learn at school.

There is still a lot of silence and the shame around menstruation. This cultural taboo is responsible for an incredibly high rate of PMS, a global health problem that does not receive attention. But how can we ignore something that influences our everyday life and that is essential to our health and well-being? How can we ignore the key to a deep understanding and accepting of ourselves?

As you learn to dance through your menstrual cycle, bleeding can become a treasure and a tool instead of a curse.

Your moontime is a guide that helps you heal yourself from within: your body, emotions, mind and spirit. This course will help you unlock that healing power. We will take you on a quest to the deepest sources of your FeMinine being. A journey of self-love, self-discovery and self-mastery!

Becoming a conscious bleeder is thé starting place for health, personal growth, success and natural leadership.

In this online course you will learn to

  • value the mystery and magic of the menstruation
  • reactivate the incredible wisdom of your FeMale body and spirit
  • heal your cycle ánd yourself from within
  • connect to collective archetypes that lay at the foundation of your FeMinine psyche
  • understand when to do things in their best moments of the cycle, so they cost less energy and lead to more success
  • find grounded, inner well-being
  • rediscover your natural shamanic qualities by connecting with universal rhythms in nature
  • be comfortable with Change and the Unknown
  • tap into the source of your natural leadership and success

This online course consists of:

  • 9 video teachings by Mieke and Bärbel, with transcript
  • inspiring booklet about the phases and archetypes in a menstrual cycle
  • beautiful visual of the 4 phases and their qualities so that you can always easily identify where you are in your cycle
  • printable cycle wheel to keep track of your shifts and changes during the month
  • herbal recipes for your moontime

Topics covered:

  • Introduction
  • What is menstruation?
  • What is a cycle?
  • Needs and powers per menstrual phase
  • How can you track your cycle?
  • Self-care during the moontime?
  • Products for your bleeding time
  • Rituals for the moontime
  • How can you collect your blood?

For whom?

We consciously write WoMan, with big W and M. With this we mean to say that this course is designed for all humans who were born with a FeMale biology, all beautiful colors that exist in the spectrum between the sexes and sexual preferences. Also, if you are in menopause or if you have had a hysterectomy, these teachings will speak to your soul, as you are always able to reconnect to the symbolic and energetic power of the blood and the womb. Last but not least, this course is also for our brothers, partners, fathers. The menstrual stigma will shift truly when also they will sing the love story of the blood…

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This is a self-paced course

Meet your teachers

Mieke (1972) is a certified Wisdom Keeper of the Womb, shamanic Womb Healer, Moon Mother®, Vaginal Steam Facilitator and Tuina Therapist. Her work is dedicated to reclaiming holistic and natural sources for WoMen’s health and empowerment, reconnecting people to the power of the Womb, redefining FeMinine spirituality and bringing back ancient herstory.

Bärbel (1972) is a Womb Shamanka taught by Seren and Azra Bertrand, Hydrosteam Therapist, Doula, Moon Mother® initiated by Miranda Gray, psychotherapist and apprentice in the Sai Shakti Healing tradition, according to Sri Kaleshwar.

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