This is an invitation of love to gift your moonblood to the trees.

We all know that trees play a vital role in the survival of our planet and of humankind. They are the lungs of the earth, they breathe, they moisten, they provide, they sustain. Sadly, every second a soccer field of trees is lost. That is what The Guardian reported in 2018. Deforestation has continued to rise ever since. How long does it take to read ‘every second’? The trees are losing their critical mass. Their number is about to dive under the minimum they need to maintain themselves as a species. They are withdrawing from earth. 

As keepers of the earth, we can turn that loss with an ancient practice that restores our natural place in the Tree of Life. A healing and life giving action that we want you to participate in. You. All over the world. Every second.

We reach out to all FeMales who shed moonblood. We also call upon WoMen who’ve had a hysterectomy and WoMen in moon-a-pause. We invite girls who haven’t yet started bleeding to accompany their older sisters, mother, aunts, friends. We invite all male partners, fathers, lovers to hold space. We call upon all those who love and respect the Tree of Life. We call upon all folks who identify with the qualities of giving life, taking care, nurturing, sustaining, connecting, loving.

Let’s bring our FeMale menstrual blood to the trees to honor them, to nurture them, to reconnect them to the very force of life! Let’s reclaim this old feminine technology of healing ourselves and our surroundings by offering our blood to nature.

This is a profoundly touching Hopi prophecy that we can manifest together.

What we offer

Red Tara Tree has three main branches.

Sacred Ritual

Red Tara Tree calls upon WoMen to offer your blood to the trees. Let’s reclaim this old feminine technology of healing ourselves and our surroundings by offering our blood to nature. We guide you to develop a personal, loving relationship with your moontime through a sacred ritual that honours and nourishes the trees on Gaia.

Red Tara Tent

Red Tara Tent is an online circle of WoMen who come together to connect to the womb and share the wisdom of the blood. This circle provides a sacred space for belonging and genuine sisterhood. Here we find the safe haven to ride the powerful waves of emotions, energy and visions that our menstruation brings. We do a guided meditation together and we share the insights and gifts that we received.


In the Re-sources section you can find brave books, wonderful websites, transformational training programs and outstanding organisations about menstruation and the divine feminine. This library is based on the idea of sacred economy and mutual support. When you decide to purchase an item or enroll in a training, both the authors of the books and programs, as well as Red Tara Tree benefits.   

Ode to Tara

Listen to the story behind our name. 

backing track: unlocking the beyond by Steven Vrancken

Learn more about Tara and how to include her in your ritual here: 

Free E-book

The magic of menstruation

Our gift to you.

In this free E-book you’ll learn about the connection between
the womb and the moon, basic self-care tips during
your moontime and more.

Your  ritual

You get a chance to be featured here. With your permission we will be honored to post your ritual, with a picture, so that your story can inspire other WoMen all over the world.

Send your personal ritual (and picture) to

Elfi’s ritual

Elfi made this beautiful bag to hold menstrual pads in it. 

Dear WoMen, Sisters of the Moon…


I love to tell you about my dreamtime journeys during my menstruation. My moontime (menstruation) has been over for 7 years. These past journeys made me strong. Often I poured my blood into the water for my plants.

My dreamtime journeys during moontime:

First journey: A woman went down under the earth through a long rocky corridor, Elfi was her name. She was cared for and protected by the moon woman. She reached a red lake around witch women were squatting, their blood filled the lake. She joined them and allowed her blood to flow into the lake. She knew this was the blood of life and death.

The underground lake was inside of her and she wanted to find out what its mystery was. She was sitting beside an old woman and was looking at the lake. She was comforted by the presence of the old woman.

About us

Meet the four WoMen behind The Red Tree Project and learn about their personal love story with their moontime and sacred bleeding.


As trees work together through an intricate root system, we find it important to cooperate with like minded initiatives who also work with the moontime and/or trees. Joining our efforts we strengthen each other’s amplitude, the global web of WoMen and the trees’ vital place in it. Find out who our partners are here. 

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