This is an invitation of love to gift your moonblood to the trees.

We all know that trees play a vital role in the survival of our planet and humanity. Unfortunately, every second a football field with trees is lost. The trees need our care and love.


Everywhere and in all times WoMen are seen as “keepers of the earth”. WoMen can take back that role of guardians. Giving our menstrual blood to the Mother Earth is a simple yet powerful practice that our foremothers practiced since time immemorial.


Menstrual blood is an enormously nutrient-rich and life-giving substance. Even modern science recognizes its therapeutic value. Giving this to the plants and the soil makes it thrive better.


Red Tara Tree wants to restore this timeless feminine practice and create a world where the feminine is honored and valued.
Let’s bring back the wisdom of the womb and the blood. Let’s weave a global web of women who honor life and nature.

What is Red Tara Tree

Red Tara Tree is a call to all menstruating folks to give their monthly blood to the trees with a mantra, prayer or ritual. We offer inspiration and education to undertake rituals for the benefit of the feminine and the trees. We also create sacred space to come together in sisterhood around the theme of menstruality and sustainability. 















For whom is Red Tara Tree

Red Tara Tree includes all menstruating people. We also appeal to WoMen* who have had a hysterectomy and women in the menopause. We invite girls who have not yet started bleeding to join their older sisters, mother, aunts, girlfriends. We invite all partners, fathers, lovers to keep space. We appeal to all who love and respect the web of life. We call upon all people who identify with the qualities of nurturing, supporting, connecting and loving.

This is a profoundly touching Hopi prophecy that we can manifest together.

What we offer

Red Tara Tree has three main branches.

Sacred Ritual

Giving our moonblood to nature is an ancient technology with which we heal ourselves and our natural environment. Here you will find suggestions on how to develop a personal, loving relationship with your moontime through a ritual that honors and nourishes the trees on Mama Gaia.

Red Tara Tent

Red Tara Tent is an online circle of WoMen who come together to connect to the womb and share the wisdom of the blood. This circle provides a sacred space for belonging and genuine sisterhood. Here you can safely surrender to the powerful emotions, energies and visions that menstruation brings. We do a guided meditation together and we share the insights and gifts that we received.


On this resource page we help you find important books, websites, training programs and organizations regarding Menstruation, FeMale well-being, the Feminine Divine and sustainable care for Mama Gaia. This library is based on the idea of ​​sacred economy and solidarity. When you decide to purchase an item or enroll in a training, both the authors of the books and programs, as well as Red Tara Tree benefit.

Ode to Tara

Listen to the story behind our name. 

backing track: unlocking the beyond by Steven Vrancken

Learn more about Tara and how to include her in your ritual here

Your  ritual

Do you have a moonblood ritual that you would like to share with the world? Send your personal ritual and photo(s) to so that your story can inspire other women and menstruating individuals around the world.

Free E-book

The magic of menstruation

Our gift to you.

In this free E-book you’ll learn about the connection between
the womb and the moon, basic self-care tips during
your moontime and more.

About us

Meet the four WoMen behind The Red Tree Project and learn about their personal love story with their moontime and sacred bleeding.


Trees communicate with each other. They work together and support each other through an intricate root system. That is why we find it important to collaborate with like-minded initiatives that also work with the moontime, FeMale well-being, the Divine Feminine and/or reforestation. By joining our efforts we strengthen each other’s amplitude, the worldwide web of FeMinine values ​​and the vital place of the trees within it. Find out who our partners are here.

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