Reconnecting Our Sacred Roots


Our Sacred Roots

Do you also feel the call to

Nurture Nature and protect Trees and Forests?

Create a global sisterhood of Keepers of the Earth?

Activate your inner leadership based on your FeMinine Nature?

Shift the shame and break the taboo around menstruation and menopause?

Feel good in your body and empowered in your cyclical being?

Strengthen the Sacred Feminine and Masculine?

Bring Ancient Herstory back to life with timeless feminine practices?

Install hope and change the perception around peace in our society?

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What we offer


Menstruation, menopause, cyclical living, FeMinine spirituality and leadership, history told from a FeMinine perspective… To shine our light on these themes with our mind, heart and womb is so incredibly important and empowering! Not only for our individual self but also for the birthing of a New Era and a New Earth. Every month, Red Tara Tree has a Red Tara Treasure for you. A webinar that combines a teaching with a nurturing ritual or meditation. Not to miss. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.


Menstruation is an art that few of us have learned. Still, it is an essential key to health, well-being, joy, creativity and success in life. Do you want to heal your menstrual cycle and transform it into a tool instead of a curse? Would you like to accompany your daughter in her first bleed? Are you looking for support after the bleeding years? Receive structural, hands-on healing strategies from certified menstrual mentors, womb awakening- and yoni steam facilitators. To book your online session, click on the button and you will find a link to a booking calendar.


Conscious bleeding is an art that we do not learn at school. That is why Red Tara Tree made an online course about how to reclaim the power of your cycle for your well-being, empowerment and success! Find all the juicy info here:

We also made a selection of books on menstruality. Click the button to enter our library. And of course, you can follow our quotes on Facebook and Instagram to unfold your own red thread to womb wisdom and cyclical living.


We are living in prophetic times. Do you want to contribute to anchor and manifest the above prophecies? Join our global sisterhood and become one of 1000 Tara’s! Follow the button and receive 4 free e-books in the course of 4 weeks. All you want to know about the magic of menstruation, how to become a conscious bleeder, how to collect your blood and how to perform your moonblood offering to nature and the trees. Four red jewels for your red path to womb wisdom


Trees communicate with each other. They work together and support each other through an intricate root system. That is why we find it important to collaborate with like-minded initiatives that also work with the moontime, FeMale well-being, the Divine Feminine and/or reforestation. By joining our efforts we strengthen each other’s amplitude, the worldwide web of FeMinine values ​​and the vital place of the trees within it. Find out who our partners are here.

About us

Meet the WoMen behind Red Tara Tree and learn about their personal love story with their moontime and sacred bleeding.

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