Our Sacred Roots

“When 1000 Tara’s unite, the tone of our sacred earth will shift from fear to compassion.”

– Tibetan Prophecy

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2024 has powerful live retreats which all take place in the enigmatic Cathar region in the South of France. 


We offer two intensive trainings that consist of amazing retreats in the South of France, online courses in-between and individual mentoring.


Receive complementary, non-invasive, natural and holistic support for your womb, menstrual cycle and (peri)menopausal journey. Deepen your connection to ancient FeMinine wisdom through your womb and hara. This session is with a certified shamanic womb healer, menstrual mentor and yoni steam facilitator.

It is time to re-activate the power of our FeMale nature, re-member FeMinine spirituality and re-claim holistic-natural sources for WoMen’s well-being and empowerment.

Mieke Anthuenis

Hello, my name is Mieke Anthuenis (1972). I am a womb awakening teacher, shamanic womb healer and priestess, menstrual mentor and yoni steam facilitator. My life is dedicated to birthing the new earth and bringing back ancient feminine wisdom, healing arts and spirituality. Since 2005, I have been walking a shamanic path with strong influence from my time in Peru and Colombia and the teachers I met there. I am trained in core shamanism (Belgische School voor Sjamanisme) and womb shamanism (Fountain of Life, Sacred Woman Awakening, Tantric Rose Mystery School). Since 2018, I work as a Moon Mother (level 3) and Vaginal Steam facilitator (Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute). With a background in Tuina (Wellnessacademie), I seek to bring in the rich and old eastern view on womxn’s well-being. In my trainings, retreats and 1-on-1 sessions, I blend these modalities together, based on the needs of the client, to facilitate a deep and safe space for healing and transformation. I work with persons in all seasons of their life, with or without a womb, with or without a period. I am co-author of the best-selling book Return To the Motherworld and run retreats and pilgrimages in the legendary Cathar region in the South of France. 

I am truly honored to connect with you.

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