This is an invitation of love to

offer your moonblood to the trees &

join us in sacred circle during your bleeding days 

What we offer


Red Tara Tree hosts online red tents for people in their menstrual days where we connect to the womb and journey with the medicine of the moonblood. This circle provides a sacred space for belonging and genuine sisterhood. Here you can safely surrender to the powerful emotions, energies and visions that menstruation brings. We launch with four free Red Tara Tents on sep28 at 7pm, Oct4 at 9h30am, Oct12 at 7pm &  Oct17 at 9h30am CET.


Coming soon: Memberships to make your red tara tents a regular ritual and affordable monthly treat to yourself. On top of that you receive a basic course about cyclical awareness and self-care during your menritualstrual days. You can also go a step further and decide to heal your cycle and become a conscious bleeder? Or you could decide to dive deeper still and to become a Red Tara Tent Facilitator. Stay tuned! We launch in november!


On our social media and here we help you find books, art, videos, trainings and more about trees, menstruality, female leadership and the sacred feminine. Where possible, this library is based on the idea of ​​sacred economy and solidarity. 

The Red Tara Tent is a special Red Tent where we gather in sacred sisterhood to work with the medicine of the moontime
and the energy of the menstrual blood.

This online circle is meant as
a menstrual vision quest,
open to menstrual beings during
their bleeding days.

Join our free

Red Tara Tents

It is important that you choose your Red Tara Tent according to the time that
you are bleeding.

Check up on your cycle to determine which date suits best and runs parallel with your period/moontime. 

For those after menopause
or who had a hysterectomy,
please choose September 28th. This date is still in the new moon energy, which corresponds to the beautiful deep energy of bleeding days.


Trees communicate with each other. They work together and support each other through an intricate root system. That is why we find it important to collaborate with like-minded initiatives that also work with the moontime, FeMale well-being, the Divine Feminine and/or reforestation. By joining our efforts we strengthen each other’s amplitude, the worldwide web of FeMinine values ​​and the vital place of the trees within it. Find out who our partners are here.

About us

Meet the WoMen behind Red Tara Tree and learn about their personal love story with their moontime and sacred bleeding.

Do you feel the call of the FeMinine in you and
want to help manifest the dream of Red Tara Tree? 

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