Give your moonblood back to nature

It may seem strange and maybe even repulsive to you, but the practice of giving your blood to the earth and the trees, will definitely enrich your life. If you do not bleed anymore, you can connect to the memory and the spirit of menstruating and offer some red wine or pomegranate juice. You can also plant the placenta after birth, and even the blood of a miscarriage or abortion.

In our current society lies a taboo on menstrual blood. Yet taboo, the word in its original meaning, is ‘sacred’. Indeed, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the red fluid is called ‘heavenly water’. In South-America, they call it ‘la luna’, the moon. Even modern science starts to acknowledge that the menstrual blood is enormously rich in nutrients, proteins, stem cells. Research is being done now to examine if menstrual blood can be used in the treatment of cancer.

In earlier times, women fertilized the crops with their menstrual blood. It is indeed a potent fertilizer! When you give your blood to your plants, your garden, a tree, you will see them thrive. When you give your red essence to the earth, you strengthen the magnetic field of Mama Gaia. And this is not a one-way direction. Giving your blood, you become part of nature and nature becomes part of you. You create a sacred union that expands your personal sphere exponentially and allows you to carry more in life, to create more, to receive more, to grow more. You become aligned with the universal laws and this brings harmony in your life.

Gifting your blood is also a very strong personal development practice: every moontime we have the chance to release old patterns, things that do not serve us anymore. That is why premenstrually, we can have a hard time: these negative things show themselves to us. Being aware of what you are ready to let go of and giving it away with your blood is truly powerful. It is a fast way track to growth and personal mastery.

Don’t forget: giving the moonblood back to nature was probably the first shamanic ritual on earth! Since times immemorial! And last but not least: the cyclical blood is the only blood that requires no sacrifice, no violence.

As said, not only the menstrual blood, also the placenta and even the blood of a miscarriage or abortion can be offered back to nature. The project Red Tara Tree itself was born after a miscarriage and the powerful initiation that happened when I (Mieke) gave my tears and my blood back to the forest. You can listen to the story here. Music by Steven Vrancken.

To inspire you, we have a very beautiful short movie of our home artist, Michelle Keiser, to show the preciousness of this practice. You can watch it here.


Find more info on how to collect your blood and give it back to nature here. A lot depends on which products you use during your moontime. Click on the links.

Honor your moontime with a ritual.

Offer your moonblood mixed with water.

Offer your moonblood mixed with soil.

Offer your dried moonblood.

Offering an elixir of your blood.

The womb pit ritual


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