Gift your moonblood mixed with water

Choose a nice bowl, vase or other container that is not too small and fill it with cold water. You can soak your used cloth menstrual pads in this water. It is important to use cold water. The stains do not go away in warm water. Do not use soap at this stage of the process. After soaking them for a while, take out the pads and wring out the blood in the bowl. The water in the bowl will absorb the blood and turn red in color. You can take this diluted blood directly to the trees after wringing the pads. But you can also leave the bowl on your altar until the right time comes to go to a tree to gift your blood. Or you can refrigerate or even freeze the water until you have time to use it in a ritual. (It is best to wash your sanitary towels by hand with cold water and bile soap afterwards.)


Gifting your blood means giving this mixture of water and blood to a tree of your heart’s choice. You can choose one special tree to take your blood to each lunar cycle, or you can let your intuition feel where your blood is most needed at that particular time. If possible, go into the woods and give yourself as much time as you need.


When you have chosen a tree, go there and ask if you can give your blood. You will feel the answer within you, an intuitive answer. As you give your blood, you feel in your womb and your heart. You can use words like these:

“I call you, (choose what resonates with you) Dear Universe/Mother Earth/Divine Mother/Womb of the Earth and Womb of the Cosmos/Great Mystery of Life/Beloved Goddess, to give your blessing to me, my sacred blood and this beautiful tree. May this offering of my blood bring healing to Mother Earth and all of Gaia’s creations. May it bring healing to this beautiful tree, the web of trees around and to my own womb. Aho!”

While you are slowly pooring your blood onto the tree or into the soil, sing or recite the beautiful Tara mantra for yourself and for the trees: “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soham”.


A mantra is a sequence of special sounds and vibrations that are repeated to purify and heal space, body, mind and consciousness from negative energies. “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soham” is an ancient sacred formula that calls upon the powerful divine energy of Tara. If you bring your awareness to the meaning of the words, the mantra becomes even stronger. Find out more about the Goddess Tara, the meaning of her mantra and different beautiful musical versions of her mantra here.

If you don’t feel personally connected to Tara or the Tara mantra feel free to swap this with another Goddess or deity that you feel more connected to. Or say a prayer from your heart if you don’t feel any connection to the deities. The core of this ritual is that you offer your moonblood with the intention of caring for the Earth.

After the Tara mantra and gifting your blood please take your time… Breathe, feel love and gratitude. Listen to your deepest core, many things can come up and show themselves right now. Thank the tree for the honor of anchoring the ritual and say goodbye. If possible, perform the ritual every day during your moon time. Also give yourself time to land and ground again as you may be very open right now. Your intuition is high while the world around you has not yet changed.


We want to thank you for the honor of being part of the worldwide Red Tara Tree movement. Mother Earth, the trees and the Sisterhood of all women* around the world need the awakening of the Sacred Feminine.

Blessed bee!