The importance of ritual

First some words on the importance of ritual. A ritual is a special time and space that you create to focus on an intention that is dear to you. You perform a sequence of activities whereby you mobilize all the love and awareness that you have inside of you. In a ritual you place your ego self in a much larger, universal and sacred perspective. Rituals also help us to deepen and reflect upon a recurring experience. A moontime ritual f.e. becomes a pattern that our body can count on. Self-care practices are a kind of ritual as well. Self-care is a straightforward way of self-love, and we all know that all healing and solid personal growth starts here.

Honoring your moontime is all about allowing your menstruation to become a magical time. A time of possibility, insight, dreaming, connection with your inner self and with universal forces. Menstruation, a time of magic and connection? At times it can be difficult to see the sacredness of life, let alone the beauty of menstruation. When we suffer from emotional and physical pain during the period, it can even sound harsh and ironic to ‘honor your moontime’.
Yet, seeing the sacredness of life and honouring your moontime are one and the same thing. When we pay positive attention to our cycle, we start noticing that we are actually attuning to rhythms in nature and in the cosmos – something far greater than us. Did you know that the word ‘harmony’ means ‘attuning our wombs to the phases of the moon’ (‘har’ is womb in ancient Sumerian)? What happens in our bodies and psyches during each cycle of the moon is truly amazing and beautiful. We become part of the universal web of life. That is big. We are offered a key to harmony and wisdom that we are all called to bring back to our culture.

When we honor our cycle in a conscious and ritual way – with love, attention and intention – we become aware again of the wonder of our FeMale body. When we allow ourselves to rest and recuperate during the moontime, we give ourselves the opportunity to dive deep into the mysteries of our womb and explore our innermost self. We sink into our emotions and desires, our shadows and our pain. With our blood, we let go of what no longer serves us. We ask for healing, insight and connection and as such we grow into better human beings, month by month. We reclaim our feminine power for the greatest good of all…

If you are new to this, you can always ask for guidance and inspiration in your rituals. Speak to nature and to whatever is sacred to you. Ask your question and the universe will respond. How does the universe speak to you? In synchronicities, in magical occurrences, in unexpected conversations, in little singularities… Write a journal to keep track of the insights and feelings the rituals bring. Be attentive to every little detail, let your awareness be full of love, as if you were contemplating a beautiful flower or a beloved. Feel devotion for life and for nature. Give sound and words to your deepest intentions, your positive goals, your sweetest aspirations for yourself, your beloveds and the world.

You can immerse yourself as deeply or lightly as you wish in these moontime practices, depending on how far your lifestyle allows you to dive. Allowing small changes can already have a big effect. If you lead a very busy life, start by dedicating 1% of your attention, as the Red School recommends. Allow yourself to start simple and maybe just with a five minutes retreat from daily chores and reserve some precious time for yourself. Don’t be afraid to individualize your ritual: what feels good to you?

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