The importance of ritual

Honoring your moon time is about making your period a magical time. A time of possibilities, insight, dreams, connection with your inner self and with universal powers. Excuse me!?! Menstruation, a time of magic and connection!?! Sometimes it can be difficult to see the value and beauty of menstruation. With emotional and physical menstrual pain, it can even sound harsh and cynical to “honor your moon time.”


And yet we say this with great passion and conviction! Menstruation is a time of magic and connection. Did you know that “har” in the word “harmony” in ancient languages ​​means “womb” and “mon” refers to “moon”? So harmony is nothing less than ‘aligning our wombs with the phases of the moon’? How beautiful is that! 


In many cultures menstruation is called “moontime”: a cycle that is literally linked to the movement of the moon. A movement from ovulation to menstruation, from full moon to new moon, from build-up and breakdown. In each menstrual cycle we also physically and energetically go through four different phases that resemble the seasons: our inner spring, summer, autumn and winter.

So our cycle connects us to rhythms in nature and in the cosmos! If we deal with this consciously, we become part of a greater whole. We tune in to the universal web of life. That’s a huge gift. We are presented with a key to harmony and wisdom. Something our culture has forgotten and now is the time to bring back and pass on to the next generation.


Another benefit when we approach our cycle with positive attention is that we come back home to our body and to ourselves. When we allow ourselves to rest and recover during the moon time, we get to know ourselves better. Especially during the second part of the cycle, we come into contact with our emotions and desires, our shadows and our pain. With our blood we get the chance to let go of what no longer serves us. Menstruation is a physical, mental, emotional and energetic cleanse. It keeps our body and mind healthy and resilient. Conscious bleeding makes us creative and vital.

On the previous page are some tips and ideas for moon time rituals. You can immerse yourself as deeply as you want in these rituals. Above all, follow your own rhythm. It all depends on how far your lifestyle allows you to dive into it. Know that small changes can have a big effect. If you lead a very busy life, you can start by spending five minutes less on daily chores. Reserve five minutes of your precious time against all habits for yourself. Allow yourself to start simple.


Also, don’t be afraid to individualize your ritual: what feels right to you? Purchase a journal to keep track of the insights and feelings the rituals bring. Give sound and words to your intentions, your goals, your experiences and emotions, the challenging moments and the beautiful ones.


If this is all new to you, then know that there is no wrong way. Follow your heart and your inspiration. Let your consciousness be full of love, as if you were beholding a beautiful flower or a loved one. Put your hand on your lap and be quiet for a moment. Speak to nature with affection and presence. The universe always answers, in synchronicities, in magical occurrences, in unexpected conversations, in small details… Pay attention to every little detail.