Together with our blood we descend into the womb of mother earth.

We connect with the universal wisdom of nature and the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Honoring your moontime with a ritual

First some words on the importance of ritual. A ritual is a special time and space that you create to focus on an intention that is dear to you. You perform a sequence of activities whereby you mobilize all the love and awareness that you have inside of you. In a ritual you place your ego self in a much larger, universal and sacred perspective. Rituals also help us to deepen and reflect upon a recurring experience. A moontime ritual f.e. becomes a pattern that your body can count on. Self-care practices are a kind of ritual as well. Self-care is a straightforward way of self-love, and we all know that all healing and solid personal growth starts here.

Offering your blood to the earth

When you offer our blood to Mama Gaia, you strengthen your connection with the Web of Life. When you give your blood to the trees, you become part of the forest and the forest becomes a part of you. Open yourself for a deeper connection with nature and spirit than you had never dreamt of. Be ready for synchronicities and magic to arise.

There are different ways to gather your moonblood, which will be described in the following sections. So let’s get practical! 

Offering your womb blood mixed with water

Bleed into reusable hygienic pads and soak them in water, so that you can collect your blood. Use a moon cup and empty it at strategical places.

Offering your womb blood mixed with soil

Bleed into a bowl that you filled with soil, so that you can bring the soil back to the earth.

The Womb Pit Ritual

Make a sacred womb pit in your garden.


For sure, the most beautiful and touching way is to sit right under the tree allowing your blood to flow right into Mother Earth.

Offering your dried blood

When you are close to moon-a-pause, it is amazing to dry some of your blood and keep it in a special flask. This way you will be able to offer your blood at very special places or at moments in your life long after your sacred monthly bleeding.

Offering an elixir of your blood

You can make an elixir of your blood for when you want to offer your blood in a discreet way.

Do you want to share your ritual/story?

You get a chance to be featured here. With your permission we will be honored to post your ritual, with a picture, so that your story can inspire other WoMen all over the world.

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