Together with our blood we descend into the womb of mother earth.

We connect with the universal wisdom of nature and the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Honoring your moontime with a ritual

What is a ritual and why is it important?

In a ritual you create a special time and space in which you fully concentrate on an intention that is important to you at that moment. With a lot of love, attention and awareness you perform a sequence of actions. The ego is placed in a larger, universal and sacred perspective. Rituals help us to deepen an experience and to reflect on it.


We are all familiar with the use of ceremonies and rituals at important moments of transition in life such as birth, marriage, passing away. Special holidays in the Gregorian calendar or in the Celtic wheel of the year are also celebrated with a ritual.


But a ritual can also have a much more daily character. Self-care habits and practices are also a kind of ritual. Self-care is a way of self-love. We all know that all healing and personal growth begins with self-love. 


A repeated ritual is a pattern your body can start to count on. A ritual to honor your moon time can greatly contribute to your physical, emotional and energetic well-being and is a particularly important aspect of feminine spirituality.

Gift your blood to the earth

When you gift your moonblood to Mama Gaia, you strengthen your connection with nature and life. When you give your blood to the trees, you become part of the forest and the forest becomes part of you. Open yourself up to a beautiful, deeper connection with nature. Let the synchronicities and the magic come to you.

There are several ways to work with your moonblood. Let’s take a look at them and get to work right away!

Gift your moonblood mixed with water

If you use menstrual pads during your period, you can soak them in cold water and recollect your blood easily. Cloth sanitary napkins also have the great advantage that they are ecological and reusable.

Gift the contents of your mooncup
You can also use a mooncup and empty the contents near a tree, in a flower pot or in nature…

Gift your moonblood mixed with earth

Bleed into a bowl that you filled with soil, so that you can bring the soil back to the earth.

Plant your blood in your garden

In all ancient cultures, WoMen had a fixed place outside in nature where they would bleed month after month. We can also do that by making a hole in our garden near a tree where you come back every month to offer your blood.


The most beautiful and touching way is certainly to sit under the tree and let your blood flow directly into Mother Earth.

Gift your dried blood

When you’re close to menopauze (moonpause), it’s great to dry some of your blood and keep it in a special jar. That way you will still be able to offer your blood at special places or at special moments in your life long after your bleeding has stopped.

Gift an elixir of your blood

You can make an elixir of your blood if you want to offer your blood in a discrete way.

Do you want to share your ritual/story?

You get a chance to be featured here. With your permission we will be honored to post your ritual, with a picture, so that your story can inspire other WoMen all over the world. You can also offer your ritual anonymously, if you prefer this.

Send your personal ritual and picture(s) to

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