Online course Become A Consious Bleeder


Online, self-paced course about reclaiming the power of your menstrual cycle. By connecting to your Womb and honoring the menstrual cycle, many miracles can unfold. Symptoms of womb dis-ease, such as emotional pain, menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding can dissolve. But not only that. When you discover the magic of your cyclical being, you reveal the best kept secret in the world: how to manage your energy and time in such a way that it leads to effortless success and natural leadership. Like peeling an onion, you get to know yourself on a much deeper level, cycle after cycle. To know yourself helps you to love and accept yourself. Spiraling with your cycle, you sink into a grounded place of awareness, well-being and response-ability for our own life. At the same time, this journey into self-love and self-mastery connects you to something that is much bigger than yourself: you sync with universal rhythms of nature and the cosmos. You become a natural shaman. Read more here.



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