Breaking the taboo around menstruation so that women feel good
in their bodies and empowered in their cyclical being

85% of menstruating women in the western world suffer from PMS, often in a severe form.
That’s a huge and widespread health problem that does not get attention.

Women are expected to let their periods go by unnoticed, take a painkiller or birth control pills, and just go about their daily business as if nothing had happened. This pejorative view has adverse effects on our well-being. Many women think that PMS, cramps, emotional pain and other menstrual symptoms are normal. No, they are not!

Menstruating doesn’t have to be painful.
Shame and taboo around the theme of menstruation and femininity causes a disconnection with the body with all its consequences.

It’s time to reclaim the power and wisdom of the womb, the menstrual cycle and the blood!
By working consciously and ritually with the blood for a few months, the pain and irregularities decrease.
As soon as we begin to honor the moon time, little and big miracles take place physically, emotionally and energetically.
Menstruation becomes a blessing and “inner adventure” instead of a curse. 

Our moonblood is an empowerment tool. Something that repeats itself every month might as well be a beautiful experience for us, right? We can put the energy released during this transformation at the service of our planet and the New World that we dream of.

By the way, we may wonder why it became a taboo in modern society.
Perhaps simply because it is so powerful and vital and therefore does not fit the image of patriarchy?

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