Embrace your FeMinine nature

A WoMan is equal to a man but they are not the same.Their biology and energy are quite different and thus also their psychology and way of being. A WoMan is more receptive with a focus on being more than doing, allthough that is not always so obvious in our culture that is based on the principle of non-stop productivity. A WoMan is more intuitive, whereas a man is more rational and logical. And where a man is more linear, a WoMan is more cyclical. By their biology, WoMen bleed, gave birth and from a certain age they leave the fertile soil of reproductive capacity for the fertile soil of wisdom, experience and spirit. We are part of the eternal cycles of life, death and rebirth. That is big.

The menstrual or menopausal cycle is not called a ‘cycle’ by chance. It refers to cyclic processes that are synchronous with cyclic processes in nature. It is known that our menstruation is closely related to the workings and movements of the moon. Therefore, menstruation is called “moontime” in traditional cultures. In each menstrual cycle we also go through four different phases that resemble the seasons in nature. As a woman we experience an inner winter, spring, summer and autumn every month. Seen over the length of a lifetime, we are also journeying through these seasons, starting as a Maiden (spring), becoming a Mother-Lover (summer), entering into perimenopause (autumn) and meeting our wise Crone in the winter phase of our life. In daily life we ​​often see time as linear, but we are actually cyclical beings.

Consciously learning to deal with our cyclical nature creates a connection with nature and the cosmos that is enormously enriching. As a menstruating or menopausal person, we can bring ourselves back into harmony with nature and really live from that connection. That is why we say: “embrace your FeMinine nature”.

When we do and plan our activities and make our decisions while taking the natural cycles of waxing and waning energies into account, we do not exhaust ourselves, nor our planet. Sustainability for our body, our energy, our agenda, our relationships, and our natural environment, that is what our cycles help us with.

As Moon Mothers and menstrual mentors, we from Red Tara Tree, can support you in understanding, healing and optimalising your cyclical nature.


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