Embrace your FeMinine nature

WoMen have a cyclical nature. In daily life, we ​​often see time as linear but we are actually cyclical beings.

By nature, people with a FeMale biology, journey through menarche, menstruation, perimenopause and menopause. We start bleeding at a certain point, after which we enter a long window of menstruating years. Around the age of 35, we still bleed but some things in our bio-energetics and emotions start changing. We are stepping into perimenopause. And as from a certain age, we leave the fertile soil of reproductive capacity for the fertile soil of wisdom, experience and spirit. WoMen’s lives go through big and long seasons.

This journey through the seasons also occurs within the shorter timespan of each month. Each menstrual cycle has four different phases that resemble the seasons in nature. Thirteen times a year, we experience an inner winter, spring, summer and autumn.

The menstrual cycle is not called a ‘cycle’ by chance. It refers to cyclic processes that are synchronous with cyclic processes in nature. It is known that menstruation is closely related to the workings and movements of the moon. Therefore, menstruation is called “moontime” in traditional cultures. Like the moon, our inner energy levels wax and wane.

Consciously learning to harness our cyclical nature creates a sustainable way of living. We co-create with the energies that are available, when they are available, and not when they are not.

As a menstruating or menopausal person, we can bring ourselves back into harmony with nature and the cosmos. We can really live from that connection. That is enormously enriching and empowering. That is why we invite you to “embrace your FeMinine nature”.

Do you want to create more sustainability for your body and your energy? Do you want to align your agenda and the dynamics in your relationships with your inner nature? Living in sync with your inner seasons is the best time management there is. It is a recipe for vitality, success and self-love.