September 2024: Re-member the FeMinine face of the divine – Online course

Ever since the rise of patriarchy, the feminine face of the divine has been forgotten, scorned and eradicated. For thousands of years, God has had a masculine face. There was a time though – a big span of tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of years, that the divine was seen as a feminine force. The ancients revered the divine feminine and considered women and their biological functions of menstruation, giving birth and menopause as embodiments of the Great Mother or the Goddess. This consciousness is now coming back to be lived and embodied by us. Read more


During this month we will open our hearts and wombs to

  • Mary Magdalene
  • Red Tara
  • Kali
  • Isis

During the month of  September ’24,

you receive:

Weekly audio and/or video material


1 live webinar with Q&A and ceremony

Livelong access

This online course can also be followed as part of the “13 Moon Womb Priestess Training”