Become A Keeper of the Earth

Everywhere and in all times women are seen as “keepers of the earth”. There is a strong interconnectedness between the sacred feminine, the womb, and the nurturing embrace of our planet. With our womb, we are intrinsically connected to the womb of Mother Earth, historically and energetically.
The deeper we are aware of this connection, the more we can ground into our own inner strength and intuition, but also the more we can contribute to the well-being of our planet.

In ancient traditions where the feminine principle was revered, there was automatically a lot of respect for the lifegiving faculties of women: birth, fertility, menstruation, menopause. Because of these life giving qualities, WoMen played a major role in agriculture: another area of life where fertility is key. Our ancestors were very much aware of the influence of the moon on the cycles of WoMen and the seasons in agriculture. Many rituals, ceremonies and festivities centered around these themes.

Returning the cyclical blood to the earth is a powerful technology that our ancestors practiced since time immemorial. It is probably the oldest ritual on earth, a sacrifice that requires no violence or lives! By activating this ancient feminine technology we heal ourselves and our environment. We amplify the Earth’s magnetic field and we ourselves become part of the Tree of Life.