Creating a global community of WoMen

who honor life and nature

Everywhere and in all times women are seen as “keepers of the earth”. Bringing life, caring, sustaining are feminine principles. Red Tara Tree wants us to take back this role as guardians of nature, as sisterhood. Let’s take the close-knit root system of trees as an example and work together, support each other, help each other and our environment grow. Anything is possible when we come together in trust, security and inclusivity. Is there anything more needed today?

Traditionally, women have been seen as “Keepers of the Earth”. Today, the choices WoMen make in the household and in the community carry enormous weight. It is the women who largely determine what is consumed. Environmental awareness and compassion for nature causes a shift from consuming to restoring and supporting our natural environment.

WoMen are also the first to suffer from the loss of the natural environment and the disappearance of trees. Research shows that women are disproportionately more affected by climate change than men. Socially, economically and politically, women have more limited choices than men, making them less resilient to confront the effects of climate change.

Therefore, we encourage women to take up an active role in the intimate world of menstruation that ripples out to the global amplitude of environmental issues and female empowerment. We offer support and resources to help WoMen do a ritual individually, in a small or large circle during the moontime. We also offer the red tent where we safely connect sisterhood with other WoMen.

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