Nurture and protect the trees and forests

Have you ever thought about the affinity between a tree and the womb?
Maybe not…

Our wombs are more closely connected to trees than you might think. Both are known for their life-giving qualities.
Both produce a substance that is absolutely crucial to the survival of mankind: oxygen and menstrual blood.
Everyone knows that we cannot go on for long without oxygen. But have you ever considered the vital essence of the menstrual blood?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, menstrual blood is called ‘heavenly water‘.
It is rich in nutrients and contains over 1000 biologically active proteins, immune cells, red blood cells and more.
The antiviral and antibacterial properties of the red elixir help keep our reproductive organs healthy.
Modern science has also recently discovered that menstrual blood is rich in stem cells, cells with regenerative potential that can be used therapeutically.

Our menstrual blood is coded for Life!
As many women who give their blood to plants have noticed, menstrual blood is a powerful fertilizer.
When we offer our moonblood to the trees, we connect them to the power of life.

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