Change the perception around peace

We live in a society that for thousands of years has been based on the  patriarchal principles of power, domination, fear and destruction. Womxn and nature are not honored and not valued and are often seen as property. Ever since the rise of patriarchy, there is a war against nature and the feminine. Also men are a victim of this. It is high time we realized that there were times that this was different! The foundation of our society does not lie in war, invasion and domination. At the root of our civilization is an older society with a balance between man/woman and human/nature!

Contrary to what is written in most history books, the roots of our society do not go back to the Sumerians, Babylonians, Romans or Greeks. A number of experts in archeology and history such as Marija Gimbutas, Riane Eisler, Merlin Stone…, say that the roots of our current society go back much further. They describe highly developed civilizations dating back to 40000 years and even much further ago. In the paleo-and neolithicum, there existed a balance between men and women in terms of power, status, remuneration, functions, housing, etc. Both men and women held leadership positions. Civilization was based on respect for nature and they honored the Earth Goddess and the Great Mother. Everything indicates that these societies were very peaceful and not engaged in war. Around 6000 BC, warlike tribes invaded the Goddess cultures and violently installed male dominance.

In these raids against the goddess cultures, blood became a violent sacrifice. The ancient practice of offering the menstrual blood to nature is an offer of peace and love and does not require violence. Let’s re-install this peaceful practice. Let’s create a sisterhood worldwide that strengthens Gaia’s field and re-members the ancient origins of society. There are two prophecies that we can all contribute to so that they may anchor on our planet:

“When thousand Tara’s unite, the world will shift from fear to compassion” – Tibetan prophecy

“When WoMen start again to offer their blood to earth, men will come home from war and there will be peace.” – Hopi prophecy