Creating feminine leadership based on

our FeMinine nature

Red Tara Tree wants to promote a FeMale leadership based on a sense of being part of nature. Our love for Mother Earth makes us part of nature. Our cycles makes us part of nature. Not for nothing, there is a proverb that says: “Woman is by nature a shaman”.

By honoring our cycles and by giving our blood to the trees, we harmonize ourselves with the power of the moon and the earth, and we align again with the creative principle of life. We make ourselves accessible to the rhythms, the forces and the spirits of nature. Instead of controlling and exploiting, we collaborate with the Tree of Life. We become part of the trees and the trees become part of us. That is why WoMen are the first shamans on this earth!

The root word ‘rtu’ is the basis for the word ‘ritual’ and in its original meaning refers back to menstruation. Bleeding is a monthly ritual, menopause is a continuous connection to spirit, birthing is a ceremony, our sexuality is sacred, our womb is a temple.

Let’s create leadership that is based on our FeMinine nature. Not for nothing our cycles are the basis of life, the foundation of life.

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