Plant your blood in your garden

In all ancient cultures, WoMen had a permanent place outside in nature where they came to bleed month after month. We can do the same by making a pit or recess in our garden by a tree where you come back each month to offer your blood.


Over time, this place will become a place of power, like a temple. Having a moonbloodpit in your own garden may be easier than taking your blood to other places, where you may feel exposed to the gaze of others. 


In Latin America, they call the custom of offering the moon’s blood “sembrar la sangre”: planting the blood. The use of such a pit is ancient and universal. In Cornwall, for example, there is an archaeological site that dates back about 5,000 years. There, priestesses used holes or round cutouts in stone or in the ground in their rituals. 

In ancient traditions of womb worship, great magical power was evoked by creating a symbolic womb space outside the body, either in standing stone circles, circles drawn on the floor, or womb bags or pits. These traditions are still practiced by some African tribes, and are presided over by menstruating WoMen.” Seren & Azra Bertrand, Fountain of Life.


You can choose one special tree to take your blood to each lunar cycle, or you can let your intuition feel where your blood is most needed at that particular time. When you have chosen a tree, go there and ask if you can give your blood. You will feel the answer within you, an intuitive answer. As you give your blood, you feel in your womb and your heart. You can use words like these:

“I call upon you, (choose what resonates with you) Universe/Mother Earth/Divine Mother/Womb of the Earth and Womb of the Cosmos/Great Mystery of Life/Beloved Goddess… Bless me, my blood and this beautiful tree… May this offering of my moonblood bring healing to Mother Earth and all of Gaia’s creations. May it bring healing to this beautiful tree, the web of trees around it and my own womb. Aho!”

While giving your blood to the tree or the earth, chant or recite the beautiful Tara mantra to yourself and to the trees: “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soham“.


A mantra is a sequence of special sounds and vibrations that are repeated to purify and heal space, body, mind and consciousness. “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soham” is an ancient sacred formula that invokes the powerful divine energy of Tara, Goddess of Compassion and Love, Protector and Rescuer in difficult times. If you bring your awareness to the meaning of the words, the mantra becomes even stronger. Find out more about the Goddess Tara, the meaning of her mantra and various beautiful musical versions of her mantra here.

If you don’t feel personally connected to Tara or the Tara mantra feel free to swap this with another Goddess or deity that you feel more connected to. Or say a prayer from your heart if you don’t feel any connection to the deities. The core of this ritual is that you offer your moonblood with the intention of caring for the Earth.

After the Tara mantra and gifting your blood please take your time… Breathe, feel love and gratitude. Listen to your deepest core, many things can come up and show themselves right now. Thank the tree for the honor of anchoring the ritual and say goodbye. If possible, perform the ritual every day during your moon time. Also give yourself time to land and ground again as you may be very open right now. Your intuition is high while the world around you has not yet changed.


We want to thank you for the honor of being part of the worldwide Red Tara Tree movement. Mother Earth, the trees and the Sisterhood of all women* around the world need the awakening of the Sacred Feminine.


Blessed bee!