1000 Tara's for Menstrual Hygiene Day


Dear soul…

During the Month of May, we gathered as a global sisterhood to break the taboo around menstruation and to honor the FeMale nature as sacred and as a catalyst for peace.

We came together during the Opening Ceremony on the 1st of May and we sat in sacred circle during the weekly Red Tara Tents, where we tapped into the wisdom of the Womb and the spiritual power of the menstrual cycle, both for ourselves and for the collective. Our supreme moment was Menstrual Hygiene Day, the 28th of May, where we held an incredibly touching Collective Healing Ceremony, guided by international healers and teachers in the field of the Divine Feminine.

At the end of our Healing Ceremony, we were honored by an stunning surprise act of some Brothers who shared very touching words to honor the FeMinine.

We have made an e-book to commemorate all of these events and to give you lifetime access to the replay, transcripts and sharing of the beloved Tara’s participating during Menstrual Month.

We received a cascade of appreciation after the Collective Healing Ceremony. Below, we want to share some of the sweet and loving testimonies of people who were present during the Collective Healing Ceremony and/or saw the replay already.

I hope you enjoy the e-book!

Mieke Anthuenis

organizer, Red Tara Tree

Link to the e-book

Words of love from participating Tara's

What struck me most was a realisation that came to me after the Red Tara Tent on 23 May. It was a deep deep certainty that the Hopi prophecy ‘When women start again to offer their moon blood back to Earth, men will come home from war and there will be peace.’ — is not a promise! It’s not a ‘maybe’, not a ‘lucky draw’ — It’s a vision, a report about our future that is already unfolding right now! With these acts together this month, we have indeed started holding hands in honoring our blood and restoring our sacred feminine rituals, and have made the first steps towards a glorious new time here on Earth! And by the time all 1000 women have held hands in living this sacred ritual, men will have come home from war to enjoy our newly created and peaceful Earth — as they are also making progress in putting their weapons down on all possible levels. As within, so without. 
I am so honored to be part of this process! Thank you so much for being a catalyst for this change!

Thank you for your courage and energy you trusted in the work for the ceremony. Even seeing it in replay it reached me deep and in a way profound, I can´t really find the words. Reconnecting with the first ever bleeding was reliving a moment of pure joy to me. The glimpse of sisterhood & brotherhood is comforting. Thank you.


I’ve started watching the replay of the ceremony yesterday… what a *powerful* AND *graceful* moment!


That was so incredibly beautiful. It touched me deeply ❤️


I just finished watching the replay of The collective healing ceremony. I am so deeply touched and in tears by all the beautiful transmissions and by the surprise at the end. Wow! Words can not describe the healing I received from this…

It was so movingly beautiful and powerful!


I was moved too. What wonderful contributions from these men. Healing.


Listening to the Brothers speaking towards the end of the ceremony, I was so moved I wept. I had never heard men speak so publicly and so vulnerably of their relationships with women and the feminine. Their words were balm to my soul… I bow to each Brother who spoke. I thank them from my heart for their openness and their courage, their gift in presenting an alternative way of being to my wounded inner masculine. What the Brothers said, each in his own way, is, I believe, what most women most need to hear. Spoken in a gathering of this size and nature, and held within Bärbel’s transmission of Divine Feminine love, made it the most potent expression of honouring the Feminine that I personally have ever heard, a big step towards the return to the axis of love between masculine and feminine for the benefit and healing of our world. 


I couldn’t help but cry when the men put down their swords…
Soooo powerful, thank you Mieke.
What a powerful ceremony ❤️‍🔥


Thank you so much!! It was truly beautiful! I’m looking forward to play the replay, as an important reminder and powerful inspiration! Thank you Thank you thank you! 🥰💗


It was amazingly powerful! Many things shifted and I feel so alive, full of fire, grateful and blessed. Thank you🙏❤️


Replay Collective Healing Ceremony

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