Offering our menstrual blood to Mother Earth and gathering among sisters during the bleeding time are simple yet powerful practices that our foremothers did since time immemorial.

Everywhere and always, women have been seen seen as “Keepers of the Earth”. It is time to fully re-member that role of guardians and birth a New Earth where the Feminine and Nature are honored and valued. Giving our moonblood to nature is an ancient technology with which we heal ourselves, our society and our natural environment. In 2018, The Guardian reported that every second a soccer field of forest was lost by deforestation. Increasing fires and ongoing cutting of trees have aggravated that already precarious condition. With our nutrient rich blood and our love we can strengthen the Trees who can use our support.

Another empowering practice that exists since time immemorial is that women gather in a special menstrual hut during their moontime. In ancient days, women bled together during Dark/New moon. In modern days, under the influence of artificial light and due to the disconnection from nature, we do not bleed at the same time anymore. Red Tara Tree wants to re-create the opportunity to bleed together in weekly, online red tents.

Together, let’s reclaim these oldest spiritual practices on earth. Let’s bring back the ancient wisdom of the Womb and the Menstruation. Let’s anchor a magnetic field for the Divine Feminine for the highest good of all.