Womb Awakening and Healing Retreat

Live Retreat for WomXn in the South of France April 2025

NEXT RETREAT APRIL 2025 TBA. In this foundational retreat, we embark on an experiential journey to awaken and heal our sacred womb space. Our womb is a power place, much more than a physiological organ that bleeds and births children. Many ancient traditions all over the world speak of the womb in symbolic terms. Think of the holy grail and the lotus flower. But for thousands of years the womb has been forgotten as the seat of our soul, the root of our creativity, vitality and spirituality. It’s time to heal, re-member and integrate the power of our Womb so that we become the creatrix of the life and the relationships we truly want.

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We can offer a shuttle bus from the Carcassonne Airport to Limoux and to Carcassonne Airport for €10,00 per ride.
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NEXT RETREAT APRIL 2025 TBA. In this retreat, we rekindle the connection to our Womb and pelvis. We re-align the Womb with all of the feminine energy centers so that we can unlock the keys to an intuitive mind, a compassionate heart, and a creative womb. With powerful tools and energetic practices based on ancient traditions and modern insights, we release our feminine wounds and reclaim our original feminine blueprint that has long been distorted on our planet. This retreat will lay the basis to change your relationship to self and others, to reconnect to the divine and the web of life, and create the life that you want.

Preview of some Womb Awakening core teachings and practices

activate the feminine energy centers
womb awakening anatomy & womb art
pelvic presence yoga practice
womb healing & clearing: bio-energetic, emotional, relational
reconnect to the womb of the earth and the cosmos
womb sauna: learn how to implement yoni steaming for personal use
breathing practices
voice of the womb
body prayers
Womb Blessing

Benefits of Womb Awakening

feel safe to be authentic and vulnerable
discover your soft power
trust your own inner wisdom and intuition
deepen the relationship to yourself: self-knowledge and self-love

deepen the relationship to your partner and loved ones
surrender to life in joy and grace
lay foundation for sacred se*x*uality
find your passion and magic to enchant the world instead of trying to change it
reconnect to the eternal essence of your soul and find your soul purpose
shine your light on hidden wounds
become embodied
open to abundance
open to synchronicity and magic

activate the memory of ancient lineages and feminine practices
re-member the feminine face of the divine
heal your womb of cellular imprints which cause dis-ease


This live retreat takes place in the enigmatic Cathar region in the South of France. We will combine some of our inner workpractices with visits to sacred sites and powerful places in nature.

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Glamping tent, Double room


Shuttle from and to Carcassonne Airport, Shuttle from Carcassonne Airport, Shuttle to Carcassonne Airport, Own transportation