Pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene

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The “Pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene” goes beyond the conventional pilgrimage as we dive into deep inner healing work, ancient mystery teachings AND visits to sacred sites in the Kathar region of the South of France, steeped in the legends of Mary Magdalene. The inner work focuses on Womb/Hara awakening, healing wounded feminine and masculine imprints, reclaiming our original and pure feminine and masculine essence, and preparing the ground for sacred union. With beloved Mary Magdalene as our guide.

We offer a shuttle bus from the Carcassonne Airport to Limoux and to Carcassonne Airport for €10,00 per ride.
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Live retreat in the Cathar region in the South of France, 3 – 8 July, 2024

This Pilgrimage combines visits to powerful sacred sites in the Cathar region in the South of France with teachings, inner process work and rituals. We will dive deep into inner and outer landscapes to connect with the essence of Mary Magdalene and the transformative power of love and sacred union.

Healing our masculine and feminine wounds

This pilgrimage to Mary Magdalene offers you a safe and transformative space where you can heal feminine wounds and clear distorted masculine imprints, both personal and collective. Removing these obstacles, you make space again for the pure/divine feminine and masculine energies, your original essence. You prepare yourself for sacred union: the optimal interaction between the masculine and feminine, both within yourself as in your relationships with your beloved(s) and the world.

Our guide Mary Magdalene

There is no better and more loving guide for this “Great Work” than Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene's role in the quest for sacred union extends beyond her historical portrayal in biblical texts. She is revered as a spiritual guide who helps individuals navigate their own inner landscapes, integrating the feminine and masculine aspects of their being. Through her example of perseverance, compassion, and spiritual insight, she inspires seekers to embrace their own inner union and to cultivate balance and harmony in their lives.

Inner alchemy

The teachings associated with Mary Magdalene and sacred union emphasize the importance of inner alchemy and self-discovery. By delving deep into the psyche and embracing all aspects of the self, you can awaken to your true essence and experience the transformative power of sacred union. This journey involves healing past wounds, releasing limiting beliefs, and opening your womb/hara and heart to the infinite possibilities of divine love.

Energetic and intuitive

Our healing work is energetic and intuitive. The modalities we work with are: ancient mystery teachings, energetic healing, guided meditation, shamanic journeying, ritual, dance, song and mantra. This work does not involve sexual touch and no nakedness.

Ancient wisdom 

We embark on a profound healing quest inspired by modern research and ancient wisdom traditions such as gnostic, Taoist and Egyptian alchemy, shamanism and Goddess tradition.

Pilgrimage to sacred sites

Throughout the retreat, we will visit sacred sites steeped in the legends of Mary Magdalene, places where her presence is believed to have left an indelible mark, often places where the legacy of the Cathars and the Templars is very strong too. These locations, charged with centuries of enigma and mystique, serve as powerful conduits for our personal work and spiritual reflection.

The region

The Cathar region in the South of France is stunning: wild nature, ancient thermes, lots of history and herstory, castles, churches, beautiful people, amazing food...

The venue

Villa Sainte Marie, the venue where you will be lodged, is an exceptionally beautiful and healing place. We sleep in the main house behind cute blue shutters, in wooden "cabanes" or in glamping tents between the fruit trees on the land. The inner process work takes place in a comfortable temple tent under the protection of a gorgeous taxus tree.


Facilitated by Mieke Anthuenis

Mieke Anthuenis (1972) is a shamanic womb priestess, healer, and menstrual mentor. She is devoted to the sacred feminine, the way of the soul and birthing the new earth. Since 2005, she walks a mystic and shamanic healing path with strong influence from her time in Peru and Colombia and the teachers she met there. With a background in shiatsu and tuina, she seeks to combine the eastern and western, traditional and modern view on feminine well-being. In 2017, she founded (former) Moving Inside, dedicated to feminine spirituality and holistic-natural sources for women’s health and empowerment, such as womb steaming, ritual bathing and herbal sweat lodge. Those are still the red thread in her current work. In 2020, she started Red Tara Tree to reclaim the sacred power of the Womb, menstruation, se*x*uality, menopause. Together with her partner, she organizes pilgrimages. Some of her trainings are: womb awakening facilitator, moon mother, vaginal steam therapist, shamanic counselor, conscious dance facilitator.


Assisted by

Miekes partner Olivier Vaneeckhout is our loving sacred masculine presence and support, driver and guide. He is coordinator of the Men to Business workshops in the yearly Men Festival in Flanders. He is trained by Judith Kusel, internationally known visionary, crystalline grid activator and soul empowerment consultant, who has just published an amazing book on France, the Cathars and Mary Magdalene. For many years now, he follows master teacher Adamus, Saint-Germain who is here to support us to 'allow our divinity' and 'shine our light'.





Join us

Join us on this unforgettable journey, where ancient legends come to life, and the teachings of Mary Magdalene guide you on a path of deep spiritual awakening and profound inner transformation.

Read more: https://redtaratree.org/pilgrimage-to-mary-magdalene-in-the-cathar-region

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail: soulpilgrimages@gmail.com

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