Journey through the portals of the Womb & Hara

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This transformative retreat focuses on awakening in-depth awareness of the secret and sacred landscape of our Womb and Hara. Just as our body has chakra’s, our Womb and Hara have energetic portals, also called Grail Gates. The awakening of those portals is a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual quest that we undertake in a safe group of sisters and brothers. The modalities we work with are: ancient mystery teachings, energetic healing & clearing, guided meditation, shamanic journeys, creative therapy, ritual, dance, song and mantra. Next to our deep inner quest we also go on an outer quest! We visit sacred sites and places in nature which are complementary to our inner work. This retreat is indispensable to truly ground in our bodies, become whole, activate our potential for healthy relationships and sacred pleasure, and re-member our body as a portal to the soul and the divine. It’s time to heal and awaken the Sacred Womb Space.

Early bird-tickets till May 20 – 2024
We offer a shuttle bus from the Carcassonne Airport to Limoux and to Carcassonne Airport for €10,00 per ride.
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Just as our body has chakra’s, our Womb and Hara (deep belly for men) have energetic portals, also called grail gates. The awakening of those portals is a powerful initiation with great transformative potential. It is a spiritual, energetic and physical quest.

In the ancient mystery schools the Womb was known as the grail and a woman or man with a fully awakened Womb was considered a living grail. Priestesses of Isis, such as Mary Magdalene, dedicated their lives to this. Mary Magdalene’s beloved Jeshua was also trained in these inner alchemy practices.

In a safe group of sisters and brothers, we undertake an energetic and intuitive journey through the grail gates of our pelvic bowl. Through ancient mystery teachings, guided meditation, shamanic journeying, energetic healing & clearing, ritual, dance, song, mantra… we focus on awakening an in-depth awareness of the secret landscape of our Womb and Hara.

For each portal, we connect to its deep psychology, archetypes and elements. By shining our light on its shadow side, we also reclaim the gifts of each portal. Energetic healing & clearing practices free the way to vibrate again with the original frequency and optimal potential of each gate.

Next to this journey into our inner landscape, we will equally explore the outer landscape of the stunning Cathar region, called the Languedoc in the South of France. We visit powerful places in nature, stunning sacred sites, springs and thermal baths. The outer nature becomes a mirror for our inner nature and brings in its own intelligence and additional healing to our inner transformation process.

The inner alchemy practices in this retreat do not involve nakedness nor erotic touch. Our exploration is energetic and restores a conscious and embodied connection with our inner grail portals.

No matter if you have a physical womb or not, you can journey through the energy centers and activate them in your energetic body.

This journey into the inner sanctuary of our Womb and Hara is powerful and transformative. We practice it the way I learned it from my teachers, Seren & Azra Bertrand from the former Fountain of Life.

Oct 2: arrival and opening ceremony
Oct 3: gate 1 – maiden/knight
Oct 4: gate 2 – lover/king
Oct 5: gate 3 – crone/sage
Oct 6: gate 4 & 6 – earth/AIR
Oct 7: gate 5 & 7 – water/fire
Oct 8: Cosmic Womb/void
Oct 9: closing ceremony & departure

(this program is open to change)

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Double room, Glamping tent


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