February 2025: Natural Feminine Leadership – Online course

Welcome to this immersive online course designed to cultivate Natural Feminine Leadership, focusing on sustainable pathways to success and abundance. In this transformative journey, we delve into the profound qualities of cooperation, compassion, and intuition, empowering you to lead authentically and make a positive impact in both your personal and professional spheres.

Possible Course Highlights:

Discover Your Inner Leadership Essence:
Uncover the unique qualities that define your natural feminine leadership style. Through introspective exercises and guided reflection, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, values, and the essence of your leadership.

Sustainable Success Strategies:
We examine how aligning with your natural feminine energy can create a powerful foundation for achieving lasting success while maintaining balance and well-being. Develop personalized strategies to maintain peak performance without sacrificing your well-being, creating a sustainable and fulfilling leadership journey.

The Power of Cooperation:
Understand the impact of collective intelligence and discover strategies to harness the diverse strengths of your team for innovative problem-solving and dynamic growth.

Compassionate Leadership:
Cultivate compassion as a cornerstone of your leadership style. Develop the skills to lead with empathy, resilience, and a deep understanding of the human experience, creating a positive and inclusive workplace environment.

Intuition as a Leadership Guide:
Embrace your intuitive abilities as a powerful tool for decision-making. Explore techniques to enhance your intuitive insights, trusting your instincts to navigate challenges and make informed choices that resonate with your authentic leadership style.

Abundance Mindset:
Shift your mindset towards abundance and prosperity. Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and develop a positive mindset that attracts success. Explore practices to manifest abundance in both your professional and personal life.

Embark on this empowering journey to unleash the extraordinary potential within you, embracing the natural feminine qualities of cooperation, compassion, and intuition for sustainable success and abundance. Are you ready to lead authentically and leave a lasting impact? Join us!

During the month of February ’25,

you receive:

Weekly audio and/or video material


1 live webinar with Q&A and ceremony

Livelong access

This online course can also be followed as part of the “13 Moon Womb Priestess Training”

Hi there, I am Mieke Anthuenis (1972). I am a shamanic womb priestess, healer, and menstrual mentor, devoted to the sacred feminine, the way of the soul and birthing the new earth. Since 2005, I walk a mystic and shamanic healing path with strong influence from my time in Peru and Colombia and the teachers I met there, both in human, plant and spirit form. With a background in shiatsu and tuina, I seek to bring in the rich and old eastern view on womxn’s well-being. In 2017, I founded (former) Moving Inside, dedicated to feminine spirituality and holistic-natural sources for women’s health and empowerment, such as womb steaming, ritual bathing and herbal sweat lodge. Those are still the red thread in my current work. In 2020 I started Red Tara Tree to reclaim the sacredness of the red path of women: the mysteries of menstruation, se*x*uality, menopause, birth and death. Since 2023, I organize spiritual pilgrimages in the South of France. Some of my trainings are: wisdom keeper of the womb, moon mother, vaginal steam therapist, tuina therapist, shamanic counselor, conscious dance facilitator, sweat lodge facilitator… In the field of the feminine, I studied with: Seren & Azra Bertrand, Miranda Gray, Leyolah Antara, Diana Beaulieu, Keli Garza, Leontine Hartzell oa…

I am truly honored to connect with you. xxx