My ritual
I collect my moonblood in a big bowl and take some time alone when having the ceremony. I light a candle, and use some incense. I take my bowl and walk to one of the trees in my garden. Last Winter Solictice i re-located a water willow in my garden, so i walk up to her and take a place with her on the ground. As Shamanic Practitioner, i call in my spiritguides with lightlanguage. I tune in on my guides and as they’ve arrived, inner prayer begins .. i give thanks to… my mother’s womb, and her mother’s womb,  and so on thanks to all my ancestors.. thanks for being here, now.. thanks for my children, as they made me a mother.. thanks to my body, for carrying me.. and for being a woman.. then i take up the bowl and gently poor it on the roots of het willow… wishing her good growth, strong roots and beautiful leaves .. i close the ceremony by folding my hands in Anjali Mudra, put them above my head, slowly pulling them towards the ground, stopping at each chakra, tuning in at each chakra and i give thanks to my guides, for their guiding and wisdom.. thanks to Green Tara, for being with me a long time.. thanks to Mata Durga, to White Tara, Maria, Ganesha and thanks to Mother Earth, lay my hands on her and feel!!!
Inge Bartok