Become a Keeper of the Earth

Traditionally, women have been seen as “Keepers of the Earth”. For many reasons. One reason being the natural connection WoMen have to the earth: from womb to womb. There is always an energetic line between our womb and Mama Gaia, if we are aware of it or not. In ancient times, they were definitely aware of it. WoMen played an important role in the development of agriculture. They even fertilised the seeds and crops with their blood. Through their inner bond with the moon, WoMen embodied the rhythm of planting, weeding, pruning, harvesting… They nurtured the soil with their love, seeing in the womb of earth an image of themselves.

Today, in the west, this natural kniship with the earth has been lost. But still, the choices WoMen make in the household and in the community carry enormous weight. It is the WoMen who largely determine what is consumed. Environmental awareness and compassion for nature causes a shift from consuming to restoring and supporting our natural environment.

WoMen are also the first to suffer from the loss of the natural environment. Research shows that women are disproportionately more affected by climate change than men. Socially, economically and politically, women have more limited choices than men, making them less resilient to confront the effects of climate change.

Becoming a Keeper of the Earth starts with embracing our FeMinine nature and coming home to our womb. When we learn how to honor our cycles and natural rhythms, we can start nurturing the earth from womb to womb.There are some very simple yet powerful things we can do.

We can draw the moon inside our womb for example, lifting our arms towards the night sky and asking to receive the beams of magic moon light, letting them descend through our body in the earth.

Another amazingly loving and powerful gesture is to give our moonblood back to Mama Gaia and to the trees. The moonblood is an elixir full of nutrients, proteins, stem cells. It is a fluid coded for life. Giving that to plants and trees, nourishes them. 

We encourage women to take up an active role in the intimate world of menstruation that ripples out to the global amplitude of environmental issues and female empowerment. We offer support and resources to help WoMen do a ritual individually, in a small or large circle during the moontime.

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