Welcome to “Become a Keeper of the Earth: Exploring the Womb-Connection to Earth,” an enlightening online course designed to deepen your understanding of the profound bond between humanity and the Earth. In this transformative journey, we invite you to embark on a holistic exploration of the interconnectedness between the sacred feminine, the womb, and the nurturing embrace of our planet.

As stewards of the Earth, we recognize the innate wisdom embedded in the natural world and acknowledge the intimate relationship that exists between the womb and the Earth. This course seeks to guide you on a path of self-discovery, connecting the profound energies within your own being to the regenerative forces of the Earth.

Throughout this course, you will delve into ancient wisdom, modern science, and spiritual practices that illuminate the symbiotic relationship between the womb and the Earth. By cultivating a deeper awareness of this connection, you will not only tap into your own inner strength and intuition but also contribute to the collective effort to heal and honor our planet.

Join us as we explore the wisdom of the Earth through the lens of the sacred feminine, unraveling the threads that weave together our personal well-being with the well-being of the planet. Together, let’s become Keepers of the Earth, nurturing and preserving the intricate tapestry of life that unites us all. Embark on this empowering journey and awaken the harmonious balance between your inner world and the magnificent world that cradles us all – our beloved Earth.

During the month of December ’24,

you receive:

Weekly audio and/or video material


1 live webinar with Q&A and ceremony

Livelong access

This online course can also be followed as part of the “13 Moon Womb Priestess Training”

Hi there, I am Mieke Anthuenis (1972). I am a shamanic womb priestess, healer, and menstrual mentor, devoted to the sacred feminine, the way of the soul and birthing the new earth. Since 2005, I walk a mystic and shamanic healing path with strong influence from my time in Peru and Colombia and the teachers I met there, both in human, plant and spirit form. With a background in shiatsu and tuina, I seek to bring in the rich and old eastern view on womxn’s well-being. In 2017, I founded (former) Moving Inside, dedicated to feminine spirituality and holistic-natural sources for women’s health and empowerment, such as womb steaming, ritual bathing and herbal sweat lodge. Those are still the red thread in my current work. In 2020 I started Red Tara Tree to reclaim the sacredness of the red path of women: the mysteries of menstruation, se*x*uality, menopause, birth and death. Since 2023, I organize spiritual pilgrimages in the South of France. Some of my trainings are: wisdom keeper of the womb, moon mother, vaginal steam therapist, tuina therapist, shamanic counselor, conscious dance facilitator, sweat lodge facilitator… In the field of the feminine, I studied with: Seren & Azra Bertrand, Miranda Gray, Leyolah Antara, Diana Beaulieu, Keli Garza, Leontine Hartzell oa…

I am truly honored to connect with you. xxx