This page is dedicated to all beings who have heard Red Tara Tree’s call and who are passionate about anchoring the Tibetan prophecy of gathering 1000 Tara’s on our planet. Clicking on the pictures, you will be enchanted by intimate testimonies of WoMen who share their story or their ritual with the Moontime and the Moonpause. Sisters from all over the world who love Trees and who see themselves as Keepers of the Earth. WoMen who carry the Divine FeMinine in their heart and womb. Birthers of a New Earth who seek harmony between masculine and feminine, humans and nature, humans and the divine. What you will find here, are very personal and vulnerable jewels of honest connection and dedication. Enter this portal with the softest longing of your soul…

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Mieke Anthuenis, founder of Red Tara Tree, Belgium and France

Bärbel Waltl, co-founder of Red Tara Tree, Austria

Michelle Keiser, home artist for Red Tara Tree, Belgium

Emmi Mutale from Feminine Revered, Guardian for Red Tara Tree, Finland and Zambia

Mare Cromwell from 1000 Goddesses Gathering, Guardian for Red Tara Tree, Maryland

Alma Sheikh, half Bangladeshi and half Belgian, Ronse, Belgium

Inge Bartok, Hasselt, Belgium

Renate Degrave, Jodoigne, Belgium

Fanny Venusia, Rekkem, Belgium

Elfi Tatzgern, Niederösterreich