November ’24: Sacred Se*x*uality – Online course

Sexual energy is not only about sexual encounters between two people. It is also much more than stimulation and excitement in the pelvis. Sexuality is the life force of creation. To follow this flow of life and love is the strongest desire of our soul. When we awaken our sexuality, we awaken our soul. We become connected to a cosmic intelligence much greater than us and we activate the same creative potential with which the universe was made. Sexual energy is thus an important aspect of vitality, creativity and consciousness. It is a gateway to the profound mysteries of self-love and spiritual awakening.

This online course invites you to a sacred path that goes beyond the physical and taps into the spiritual essence of sexuality. This program is designed to guide you through the intricate tapestry of your inner landscape, starting with self-knowledge and self-love. Weaving together ancient wisdom and modern insights, you will receive a holistic approach to self-discovery. We learn to open into experiences of ecstatic pleasure in all aspects of our life, not only in sexual intimacy. We become comfortable in our bodies and sexuality, heal shame and guilt and explore the shadow side of sexual wounding. As such, we lay the foundation for sacred union with ourselves, our beloved(s) and the world. This frequency is very welcome on our planet today.

During the month of November ’24,

you receive:

Weekly audio and/or video material


1 live webinar with Q&A and ceremony

Livelong access

This online course can also be followed as part of “13 Moon Womb Priestess Training” & “Mary Magdalene Initiation”