The womb pit ritual

You could make a womb pit in your own garden: a hole in the ground where you come back to each month to offer your blood. This over time will become a place of power, like a temple. Using a womb pit can be easier than to carry your blood to other places, where you might feel exposed or where you would rather avoid giving your blood in a visible way.

The use of the womb pit is ancient and universal. In Cornwall f.e., there is an archeological site dating back to around 5000 years ago, showing womb worship practised by Swan Priestesses who used womb pits in their rituals.

Across all ancient cultures WoMen bleed into the earth to strengthen the earth’s field and the WoMan’s magnetic field. This is like a sacred marriage and WoMen had womb pits for their blood and came back to it month after month.

“In ancient Womb Worship traditions, great magical power was invoked by creating a symbolic Womb space out of the body, be it in standing stone circles, circles drawn on the floor, or Womb pouches or purses or pits. These traditions are still practiced by some African tribes, and officiated over by menstruating WoMen.”
– Seren & Azra Bertrand, Fountain of Life.

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