Moontime, My Time. (Live webinar)


Do you want to know how to befriend your menstruation and how to make this monthly process into an ally to become more healthy and vital, more in tune with your body and your feminine essence? In this workshop you will receive an unforgettable, hands on introduction to cyclical living and conscious menstruation.


What if our menstrual cycle is a blessing instead of a curse?

We gather to learn about the oldest ritual on earth: bleeding with the moon. We unravel the threads of Herstory, connecting to our ancestors and our wombs.

In this workshop you will..

learn how to live in harmony with your cycle..

connect with your own womb, the womb of Mother Earth, and the Cosmic Womb..

discover the red thread weaving back to prehistoric times of womb-centered spirituality..

Welcome dear one!

Guided by Michelle Keiser


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